Literacy Centers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Bundle


No more planning Language Arts and Literacy Centers, get all you need for the ENTIRE year in this bundle. Just print and go, it is that simple. Each month includes 64 tasks cards with accompanying worksheets. The only center without a worksheet is the center titled “Teacher Directed Time,” because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small group best :). The technology center will sometimes not require a worksheet as well, but may need a computer or other device.

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Literacy Centers

Over 1,000 pages for your literacy centers! Different games, activities, and printables to keep your students engaged and learning.

No more planning Language Arts and Literacy Centers, get all you need for the ENTIRE year in this bundle. Just print and go, it is that simple. Each month includes 64 tasks cards with accompanying worksheets. The only center without a worksheet is the center titled “Teacher Directed Time,” because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small group best :). The technology center will sometimes not require a worksheet as well, but may need a computer or other device.

Center themes are focused on reading skills, spelling, vocabulary, writing, figurative language, study skills, grammar, poetry, technology, and more!

Included are also pocket chart headers for each center and placement cards to put around your room to label where the centers are going on. There are also instructions on how to implement these centers into your classroom.

Students will do 3 centers a day, Monday-Thursday, equaling 12 centers a week. However, I include 16 task center cards per week! That gives YOU the TEACHER the option to choose which centers to use. You can use the extra centers for fast finishers, to challenge higher level students, as morning work, or for quick reviews. Or, if the technology is unavailable in your room, use one of the other centers instead.

*Reading centers require teachers to provide their own reading material.
*Teachers must also use their own spelling and vocabulary lists. This way, you will be able to differentiate the activities for your own students.

Monthly Literacy Centers

Check out each set individually for a more detailed preview of each product included in this bundle. You can also see the common core standards matched with each monthly center by clicking on the individual months below.

September Grab and Go Centers
October Grab and Go Centers
November Grab and Go Centers
December Grab and Go Centers
January Grab and Go Centers
February Grab and Go Centers
March Grab and Go Centers
April Grab and Go Centers
May Grab and Go Centers

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