Literacy Centers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade (December)


These are great for literacy centers!
Included are Language Arts centers for the entire month of December!
There are 64 centers total with instructions on how to implement them into your classroom. Each center comes with a task card and a corresponding worksheet (with the exception of the “teacher directed center”. I leave that task card blank, because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small groups best. The technology center sometimes does not require a worksheet as well).


These are great for literacy centers!
Included are Language Arts centers for the entire month of December!
There are 64 centers total with instructions on how to implement them into your classroom. Each center comes with a task card and a corresponding worksheet (with the exception of the “teacher directed center”. I leave that task card blank, because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small groups best. The technology center sometimes does not require a worksheet as well).
Center themes/skills include:
Grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)

Writing (narrative, informative, descriptive, opinion/persuasive prompts)

Spelling (various games and worksheets to practice weekly spelling words)

Reading (author’s purpose, text connections, main ideas and details, and visualizing)

Figurative Language (similes, metaphors, personifications, hyperboles)

Vocabulary (various games and worksheets to practice weekly vocabulary skills)

Technology (these are optional centers depending on the available technology in your classroom. Most centers require at least an iPod or a computer).

Teacher-Directed Time (A center time for you to meet with your small reading group)

There are 64 tasks cards, corresponding worksheets for each center, 8 pocket chart center cards, pocket chart cards labeling classroom groups, and card labels to place around the room saying where each center is located.

*Some Reading centers will require the classroom teacher to provide reading material, other than that, print, copy, laminate, and you are ready to go with Language Arts Centers for the WHOLE month of December!

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117 reviews for Literacy Centers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade (December)

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    So excited to use. Love this. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this.

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    My 4th graders enjoy the games and activities! Vocabulary is always their favorite!

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    December was a crazy month. This really helped speed the planning along!

  7. Sara V.

    My students really enjoy completing these centers

  8. Buyer

    A great resource for my unit! Thanks!

  9. Megan W.

    I use these centers EVERY DAY with my classes. They love getting new ones each week and they are so easy to set up.

  10. Tiffany C.


  11. Buyer

    I am excited to use these centers during these last weeks before Christmas break!!!

  12. Sarah H.

    This is simply one of the best products I’ve ever bought on TPT. Thank you!

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  27. Lauren P.

    This is a great center pack that I highly suggest. The only complaint I have about this product is the amount of “Christmas” topics that appeared throughout the activities. I teach in a school where we are not allowed to celebrate the holidays. Good news is I just highlighted anything that mentioned Christmas and whited it out and replaced it with Holiday questions.

  28. Monica Rosales

    Great for blended learning station! Loved the research projects

  29. Julie P.

    VERY fun and engaging.

  30. Amber M.

    Thanks so much! awesome resource.

  31. Gunderson’s Goodies

    So many great ideas to use during our center time. Thanks!!

  32. Buyer

    Thank you. Class loves the centers.

  33. Kristy T.

    So many wonderful activities. Thank you for such an amazing resource!

  34. Joanne C.

    My students looked forward to centers each day! Thank you!

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  36. Tasha G.


  37. Rocket Robot

    I love the variety of activities and so do the kids!

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    My students love all of these!

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    Love it

  40. Sherry T.

    It rocks

  41. Mary M.

    Love the centers, ready to go! Thanks again.

  42. Amy D.

    THIS WAS AWESOME! It as perfect for 5th grade.

  43. Nicole L.

    Saved me so much work, THANK YOU!

  44. heather S.

    Thank you for these wonderful activities that are easy to add to my stations!

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    My kiddos loved these centers! Just purchased your December set…FUN!

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    My students and I can not get enough of these centers! They keep my students fully engaged and they are gain valuable practice.

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    Cuts literacy plan time in half!

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    Great resource. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love the ideas for December. When kids are waiting for Christmas break these ideas will help me keep them engaged while I am doing small group reading instruction. Thanks!

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    i love these

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    This was great! Thanks!

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    Always challenging, fun, and engaging.

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    Great activities

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    These are my favorite centers! I have every month…

  67. Amanda S.

    I liked the concept of these but didn’t get to use as many as I had wanted. Maybe next year! šŸ™‚

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    I love that this product has a variety of activities that are great for centers as well as used independently for early finishers!

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    Love Love Love this!

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    great for weeks before Christmas.

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    The centers are fantastic! My students look forward to completing the activities, and get bummed when it’s time to transition to a different content area. Despite reminding them that they’ll do it later in the week, they can’t wait to complete ALL the activities on the same day! Thank you!

  72. Jennifer C.

    These are great – my students ask me daily when we get to do literacy centres, they thoroughly enjoy them!

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    Looking forward to using this next December.

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    This whole thing is great, but my students really liked the spelling trees.

  91. Brandon C.

    These centers work for a wide variety of readers. The activities are fun, creative and engaging. My students love doing the different games, and they enjoy all of the writing prompts. It is so nice to have something ready to go, that you know will be a fun activity for your kids.

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    I have all of your sets, and my kiddos get disappointed if we have to miss a day of them. Thanks so much for an amazing resource!

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    Another awesome month of LA centers! Thanks for creating it and sharing it with us!

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    My class enjoyed the holiday activities.

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    Plenty of activities for the full month and opportunities for scaffolding.

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    I love your center materials and hope you will make them for the months February, March, April, and May. They are fabulous.

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    Love these centers! Easy to put together and great topics for the students to experience.

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    Excellent Activities for my 6th Grade students. These Reading Centers have been a life saver. Everything is done for you. I am recommending these to my whole grade level.

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    Once again, a rock star product.

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