Setting Up a Classroom Escape Room

Learn How to Set Up A Halloween Math Escape

Have you ever done an escape room? The thrill of solving puzzles under time pressure, combined with a captivating narrative? Now, imagine this same excitement in your math lessons! Welcome to Cracking the Classroom Code escape rooms – a game-changer in classroom engagement, where students solve math problems to evade a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s What You Will Need for your Halloween Math Escape

  • Envelopes
  • Paper
  • QR Codes (optional)
  • Cracking the Classroom Code Zombie Math Escape Game (Available for grades 1-5)
  • Excited students!

Here’s How to Play this Escape Game

A mob of zombies has taken over the school, and the only way out is through solving a series of math challenges. These aren’t just any math problems, though. They are aligned to the grade standards! Students need to decode different ciphers, unravel riddles, and work their way through clues scattered around the room, all the while watching the timer that determines their fate. If the answers don’t match the clues hidden in envelopes, students need to re-evaluate their answers before they can proceed.

Digital Option Included With the Escape

To enhance the experience, I’ve even included a digital option to the game for grades 3-5. Thanks to a Google Form integration, students can venture through this escape room virtually. This feature ensures that every learner, can be part of this nail-biting adventure.

Escape rooms are an experience – combining learning with heart-pounding excitement. With step-by-step instructions and comprehensive resources provided, all that’s needed is your enthusiasm and envelopes! Prepare to transform your classroom into a thrilling learning environment where numbers are the key to survival. Happy escaping with your students!

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Setting up a Math Classroom Escape Room for Halloween

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