Literacy Centers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade (January)


These are great for literacy centers!
Included are Language Arts centers for the entire month of January!
There are 64 centers total with instructions on how to implement them into your classroom. Each center comes with a task card and a corresponding worksheet (with the exception of the “teacher directed center”. I leave that task card blank, because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small groups best. The technology center sometimes does not require a worksheet as well).


These are great for literacy centers!
Included are Language Arts centers for the entire month of January!
There are 64 centers total with instructions on how to implement them into your classroom. Each center comes with a task card and a corresponding worksheet (with the exception of the “teacher directed center”. I leave that task card blank, because as the classroom teacher, you will know what to teach your small groups best. The technology center sometimes does not require a worksheet as well).
Center themes/skills include:
Grammar (types of sentences, apostrophes, subject-verb agreement, and pronouns)

Writing (narrative, informative, descriptive, opinion/persuasive prompts)

Spelling (various games and worksheets to practice weekly spelling words)

Reading (author’s purpose, text connections, main ideas and details, and visualizing)

Word Structure (number prefixes, homophones, compound words, and negative prefixes )

Vocabulary (various games and worksheets to practice weekly vocabulary skills)

Technology (these are optional centers depending on the available technology in your classroom. Most centers require at least an iPod or a computer).

Teacher-Directed Time (A center time for you to meet with your small reading group)

There are 64 tasks cards, corresponding worksheets for each center, 8 pocket chart center cards, pocket chart cards labeling classroom groups, and card labels to place around the room saying where each center is located.

*Some Reading centers will require the classroom teacher to provide reading material, other than that, print, copy, laminate, and you are ready to go with Language Arts Centers for the WHOLE month of January!

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152 reviews for Literacy Centers for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade (January)

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    This is an AMAZING resource. It has everything I could ever want for our independent reading time. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Buyer

    This has been an absolute life saver! My kids love these centers. They are actively engaged and can’t wait for reading time to come so they can practice these skills. I use what I need from the choices. Thank you for taking the time to make these! I will be purchasing more!

  15. Nicole E.


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  17. Fourth Grade is Dinomite

    This is awesome!! My kids love these

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    Really excellent resource! I love the creativity and the detail of the activities. Will definitely be browsing more of the packs from this store. Thank you.

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    These centers are great. I especially appreciate how you included extra centers in case students do not have access to technology. Thank you for your hard work!

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    This is an awesome resource! The kids enjoy the activities, and there is a lot of learning involved. Thank you!

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  38. Brandy C.

    Easy to use students are engaged!

  39. Buyer

    What do you use for “teacher provided text”? I understand you created these to work for as many grade levels as possible, but it would be nice for 1 page texts to be included – differentiate if you want. All the other tasks are simple to prepare for kids, appropriate, and they like them. Thanks.

  40. Pamela S.


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    This is great! Best center pack I have bought from TpT

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    Teresa Kwant…you are one of my favorite teachers! I started using your ELA centers in November and now have through January. Love them! So my my kids!

  54. Miranda Yonts

    I’m so excited about this product! I feel like this is exactly what I needed and I know my kiddos are going to love the variety of the activities. I also love that it is so well organized, yet it is flexible to meet my kids where they are! Thank you for your hard work!

  55. Tasha G.

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    This is amazing!!! I am new to my grade level and needed something for centers. This is perfect!! Thank you!

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    Your centers/stations are always amazing! They keep my fifth graders engaged and they are great for extra practice or intervention!

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