Cracking the Classroom Code™ Halloween Parts of Speech Escape Room Game


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing the parts of speech. The parts of speech used in this game include: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, and conjunction. Students will be multiplying multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing the parts of speech. The parts of speech used in this game include: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, and conjunction. Students will be multiplying multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

**You will need a small hand mirror to play this game.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. They are trying to escape a haunted house that is filled with Halloween monsters. Students must solve a string of questions and clues, as well as decode different ciphers, to escape. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing this as a whole class. However, materials are provided for up to 6 different groups to play at one time.

**Versions with and without QR codes included!

Students try and solve clues and questions to breakout and escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). A paper is provided so students can write their work down. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the question.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.


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156 reviews for Cracking the Classroom Code™ Halloween Parts of Speech Escape Room Game

  1. Buyer

    Great resource

  2. EmilyRoseTeach

    Very fun activity, a lot ot set up.

  3. Jennifer A.

    I can’t wait to start prepping this set and then use it in October. I am loving your Escape Rooms!!

  4. Lovin’ the Littles

    This was so much fun, especially around the holiday!

  5. Catherine L.

    Can’t wait to use these!

  6. Crystal Mcvea

    My class loves these units!

  7. Amanda L.

    A great activity for our fall celebration! Students enjoyed the challenge, however I would recommend running more than one at a time to engage all students.

  8. Katherine B.

    My students had a great time! Using the decoder took a lot of time though.

  9. The Little Alien Ed

    Awesome idea! Thank you!

  10. Buyer

    I can’t wait to use this!

  11. Fourth and Fantastic

    We love “Cracking the Code” in my classroom!

  12. Amanda W.

    My students LOVED this activity!

  13. Cynthia V.

    Thank you such a fun activity

  14. Kristie J.

    This is one of my students favorite escape rooms.

  15. Elsa Carrasco

    Am so excited for this resource!!! Will be using this for sure! Thank you!

  16. Jennifer O.

    Fun engaging activity!

  17. Nicole D.

    My older students enjoyed this activity.

  18. Bailey Baxter

    My kids loved trying to solve this!

  19. Victoria S.

    Used this in 4th! Great product and great review!

  20. Amanda M.

    My students had a lot of fun figuring out this escape room. It was a little confusing to set up and reset for each class, but the content is great.

  21. Buyer

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for!

  22. Texas Teacher Techniques


  23. Trina C.

    Engaging way to review

  24. Rhonda C.

    The materials were very nice but unfortunately, this was just too complicated for my 4th grade students. Not one group was able to solve. Very complicated for 4th graders.

  25. Cynthia K V.

    Love it!

  26. Megan Fuchs

    The students had fun, but it was a lot of planning!

  27. Linda Meckem

    Wow. This took a lot of time to put together after purchasing, but it was so worth it. Fantastic product!

  28. Brittney Sanders

    These are great for assessing a skill and going above and beyond!

  29. Erin D.


  30. Sara A.

    I can’t wait to use this one for Halloween. My students are LOVING these escape rooms!

  31. Melissa T.

    My students love your escape rooms! Thank you for a great resource!

  32. Buyer

    This was a little tough for my students at Halloween time, so we will be doing it again at the end of the year! Gave me good insight on where they were though!

  33. Kelsey S.


  34. Buyer


  35. Ileana S.

    So much fun!

  36. Arch City Teaching

    This was such a fun activity! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  37. Anna R.

    Fun activity for antsy kids right before Halloween!

  38. Buyer

    This was the first one I bought and it ended up being such a success that I bought 4 more! Since I have a pretty high functioning group this year, they had no trouble following the clues. With a lower group, I would probably do as the seller suggest and do it as a whole class. Amazing resource!

  39. Monica Brown


  40. Buyer

    A fun and engaging activity to review parts of speech!

  41. Amy Nix

    My kids were really challenged not only to answer the questions, but to follow the directions without assistance. I’ll definitely plan on using it every year!

  42. Myrriah K.

    This was fun!

  43. Kate D.

    My students loved this activity! We started doing more escape room activities because they were so interested!

  44. Robin K.

    Nice product. Kids enjoyed. Will buy more from this seller

  45. Amy L.

    Great resource!

  46. Katy G.

    Very thorough and engaging product, but it was too complicated for most of my 4th graders. She recommended doing it whole class first-definitely do that!

  47. Ashley Mitchell

    Excellent product!

  48. jodi S.

    Great resource!!

  49. Garden Full of Knowledge

    Thank you so much! Love your work!

  50. Buyer

    I LOVE these! My students thoroughly enjoy trying to “escape”!

  51. Jackie Martin

    So fun!

  52. Sarabeth M.

    My students had fun with this activity, Thank You.

  53. Amy B.

    Fun, educational, and the kids beg to do them. Escape Rooms like these are amazing resources for teachers. Well worth the time and effort it takes to create them.

  54. Anne S.


  55. Diane C.

    Great resource!!!

  56. Jennifer V.

    Had so much fun doing this for Halloween!

  57. Jennifer C.

    Great activity for my students! It was a little complicated, but I loved it!

  58. Hannah Collins

    This was such a fun activity! My students were a little unsure at first, but once they got started they LOVED it! They were so involved and so sad when time was up. Thanks!

  59. Melissia Nelson

    Fun and learning all together! Thank you!

  60. Kim Y.

    My 6th graders had a blast! Thank you for creating and sharing this resource!

  61. Rebekah Sechrist

    We completed this one whole group to help the students understand how they work, I will be purchasing the bundle next. Thank you for an engaging activity for my students!

  62. Atoyia M.

    I can’t wait to use this with my kids! Thank you

  63. Andrea Fisher

    My class loves your escape activities! This was an awesome end of unit activity. They really enjoyed “escaping” the haunted house!

  64. Deborah M.

    My students needed a bit of help, but loved this!

  65. Carina M.

    Wonderful collaborative review!

  66. Light A Candle

    This looks so amazing! Thank you! I’m looking forward to using this next year!

  67. Patricia P.

    Thank you! I cannot wait to use this next year

  68. SB Chandler

    Takes a little to put together, but the students loved it!

  69. Shauna T.

    Kids had a blast doing this.

  70. Shookster’s Nook

    So much fun. Thanks!

  71. Kristen G.

    Great resource. My students loved this.

  72. Miss Ampersand

    My students had so much fun!

  73. Leslie H.

    While this does take some time to put together, it is worth it. My students enjoyed the activity and have asked for more! Thank you!

  74. Carole B.

    My students loved this! Thanks

  75. Mary C.

    I wish it was not so difficult to put together, but it was still fun to complete.

  76. Sheryl M.

    This was fantastic! It was great even for things I hadn’t quite delved into like pronouns and prepositions so it was a great time to chat about those and the kids keep referring back to them!

  77. Buyer

    I can’t wait to use this resource in my classroom.

  78. The Teacher’s Desk 6

    Fun way to practice a ho hum skill!

  79. Learning with Miss LaGrow

    Engaging as always!

  80. Kristi H.

    This will be a great activity. I will need to allow more time to get it set up though, so I will do it next year. It looks like a fun activity that I am excited to do.

  81. Patricia E.

    I really was hoping you would have a holiday bundle, I love your cracking the classroom sets!

  82. Elizabeth Allen

    This is a great activity. I look forward to purchasing more of these. I did as suggested and did it as a whole class for the first time and it was a bust. I know, however, it will be much more well-received when done in smaller groups.

  83. Nancy M.

    My students loved this and can’t wait to try another one!

  84. Sara Hollis

    Thank you

  85. Jessica Walker

    Purchased, but haven’t used yet. There is a lot to prep, but I know my students will enjoy this next year!

  86. Buyer

    Students loved it!

  87. Elisabeth N.

    There was a lot of prep work, but it was well worth it. My students LOVED this and didn’t even realize they were working and learning!

  88. Wendy Gilbert

    This is a well-thought-out activity. The directions were so easy to follow (although they were long). This is the second one that I attempted with my gifted third graders. It took a LONG time to complete. The clues are long, and my students had a hard time with the stamina to stick with a clue through to the end. All in all, a good activity, but I’d probably stick with using it with older kiddos OR whole class.

  89. Teach Like A Pineapple

    The directions and time put into this… wow! It’s amazing. However, it was overwhelming to read and try to figure out on my own. It would be amazing if there was a video (?) or something similar to see how to prepare the pieces and then the activity.

  90. Suzanne M.

    I love it!

  91. Brittney P.

    This is a very intense and wonderful activity for students to do!

  92. 4th Grade Frills

    My student loved this activity and keep asking for more! Thank you

  93. Up and Away in 5th Grade

    Overall this product was so detailed and relatively easy to set up. This was very involved activity and my students were unable to finish it due to confusion. I love Escape Rooms and believe they can build a sense of team work in the classroom. However, I recommend first doing this activity as a class with your students so they understand how to do Escape Rooms.

  94. Jennifer C.

    These are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! It teaches teamwork, they learn as they are having fun (which is hard to do with activities like this but they do). I am buying all of them for 4th grade!

  95. Being Fearless in 5th

    So awesome! Thank you!

  96. sharon K.

    My class loved It!

  97. Dawn J.

    So excited to try this out!

  98. Emily H.


  99. Carey F.

    Terrific Resource!

  100. J M.

    My students enjoyed!

  101. My Many Misadventures of Teaching

    My students absolutely LOVE these activities. I can’t wait to keep using them throughout the year. They are fun and engaging so the kids stay on task but they are a great way to practice and review important ELA concepts.

  102. stacie M.

    I think that my students will love this! Great and fun resource!

  103. Stephanie B.

    This was awesome!

  104. sarah D.

    Love these so much! Keep making them, please!

  105. Kimberly D.

    Great resource!!!!

  106. Erin Enslow

    I bought this in hopes of creating an escape room for my students and ended up using this as a guide to creating my own. Great resources and I can’t wait to share with coworkers.

  107. Beth J.

    Loved this activity and so did my students. Something new and different. Can’t wait to try more. Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity.

  108. Jessica W.

    Haven’t had a chance to get this completely set up yet, but I’m excited to give it a try with my students!

  109. Megan H.

    I love these! I can’t wait to get more! 🙂

  110. Meghan G.

    Did this today and our class LOVED it!

  111. alicia R.

    This was a very complicated activity to put together. There are a lot of directions to follow for each step, it was very difficult for my 5th graders to complete. They still had fun.

  112. Classroom Recipes

    Will be doing this and zombie math for Halloween activities. When I gave the students a choice over Halloween themed activities 60% of them choose to do these!

  113. Oh Holy Fourth Grade

    Seller put in a lot of work. Buyer must also. Kids love it.

  114. Amanda H.

    Printed and ready to share with my students on Tuesday. Thank you for creating this product. This will be an awesome way to help my students complete our parts of speech unit.

  115. Alice T.

    I can’t wait to use this on Halloween!!

  116. Jean C.

    I love mystery rooms and so do my kids!

  117. Gaye M.

    They are going to love this!!!

  118. Buyer

    My students enjoyed the last so much that I just had to buy another one! Thank you!

  119. Megan Hardin

    These are a ton of fun! Thanks for such a unique and creative activity!

  120. Lindsey P.

    Well organized and planned. With a little prep work, this will be just the thing to get my 4th graders excited to learn on Halloween!

  121. Brittany E.

    Thank you!

  122. Angie Bates


  123. Megan J.

    Another amazing resource! Thank you for creating these!

  124. Cindy S.


  125. Making Magic in Fourth

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Amy M.

    Looking forward to using this on Halloween with my kiddos!

  127. Susan T.

    I can’t wait to use this in my reading group on Halloween!

  128. Kimberly S.

    I can’t wait to use this with my classes on Halloween!

  129. Lisa H.


  130. Ramblings with Roberts

    Can’t wait to do this soon!

  131. Buyer

    This is awesome!! Great way to get the students engaged and excited.

  132. The Preppy Educator

    Excellent resource.

  133. Jennifer B.

    Thank you! Very clear directions! Excited to use this in the classroom during the holidays! 🙂

  134. Suzanne M.


  135. Howdy SLP

    My students keep asking for more of these activities. Thanks for making them so easy to use and put together.

  136. Christina Pjura

    What a fun activity to do with the class before Halloween! Thank you so much! My class loves escape the classroom challenges!

  137. Molly J.

    Cannot wait to use this for our family night!

  138. Global Connections

    I love these! Keep making these, I own almost all of them.

  139. Jennifer S.

    So much fun! Love your escape rooms!

  140. Kristyn P.

    Looking forward to using this in a week. Great job – thank you!

  141. Janice J.

    Kids loved it.

  142. Ginger B.

    I had many questions and she was wonderful to explain how to make it all work. Thank you!

  143. sarah H.

    Can’t wait to try this!

  144. Lauren D.

    My first escape purchase and I don’t think it will be my last b

  145. An Elementary Purpose

    We haven’t used this yet, but will use it soon. It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks!

  146. Christina W.


  147. Tales of a 3rd Grade Teacher

    Can’t wait to do these with my students!! Thank you!

  148. Jessica Martinez

    Can’t wait to use!

  149. Stacy B.

    I know what we’re doing in my room this month. My kids are going to love this. Thanks

  150. Anna Marie Woloszyn

    I’m excited to get this up and running!

  151. Oodles of Goodies

    The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. There is some prep that must be put into the activity, but it is worth it. I personally laminate these escape games to use year after year. My students love when we play a new one. This is a FANTASTIC resource! All of the Cracking the Classroom Codes are a must buy!

  152. Angela G.

    I’m so excited to use this resource!

  153. Kate A.

    The prep work for this looks overwhelming–but definitely in a good way, because for someone like me who often needs that little extra hand-holding, the directions were so clear and well-explained that I doubt I’ll have any confusion about how to put this together. Can’t wait to try this out!

  154. Helen Jo Morse

    I love these!

  155. Elementary Teacher’s Pet

    I can’t wait to play this with my kiddos!

  156. StanleyMadeIt

    Amazing….great for review!!!

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