Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Division Christmas Math Escape Room


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing division with your 4th grade students.


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing division with your 4th grade students.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. They are trying to escape Santa’s snowed in workshop. Students must solve a string of questions and clues, as well as decode different ciphers, to escape. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing this as a whole class. However, materials are provided for up to 6 different groups to play at one time.

**Versions with and without QR codes included!

Students try and solve clues and questions to breakout and escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). A paper is provided so students can write their work down. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the question.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.

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112 reviews for Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Division Christmas Math Escape Room

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    This was great! It did take me 4 hours to prep. because I ran out of printer ink and had to hand-write several copies for all my groups. My hope is that I will at least have the printing/cutting/laminating ready next year, so the prep. should be quicker!

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