Halloween Escape Room 4th Grade Math Cracking the Classroom Code™


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing 4th grade rounding, and addition and subtraction with whole numbers. Students will be practicing rounding multi-digit numbers to any place. Your class will also get practice with adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing 4th grade rounding, and addition and subtraction with whole numbers. Students will be practicing rounding multi-digit numbers to any place. Your class will also get practice with adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. They are trying to escape a mob of zombies that has overtaken the school. Students must solve a string of math questions and clues, as well as decode different ciphers, to escape. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing this as a whole class. However, materials are provided for up to 6 different groups to play at one time.

**Versions with and without QR codes included!

Students try and solve clues and questions to breakout and escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). A paper is provided so students can write their work down. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the question.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.

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255 reviews for Halloween Escape Room 4th Grade Math Cracking the Classroom Code™

  1. Lindsay Plett

    Love this!!

  2. Chasity R.

    Will be using again this year. The kids are going to love it!!

  3. Pamela A.

    I am so looking forward to using this. Great explanation. Thanks!

  4. Jeremy W.

    Great resource!

  5. Jessica M.

    Thank you! The kids loved this!

  6. Buyer

    Great product

  7. Tech Savvy 4th Grade

    Can’t wait to use this, my students love your other escape games.

  8. The Little Alien Ed

    Awesome! Thank you!

  9. 4th Grade Cupcakes

    Very fun, but sooooo much prep work.

  10. Lauren Forrest

    thank you!

  11. Mckenzie C.

    Such a fun resource. Love the option of the different colors for groups.

  12. Nikki M.

    A fun way to add learning into our typical Halloween party.

  13. Kimberlee C.

    Great resource, thank you!

  14. Ashley S.

    My kiddos loved this last year. It was their first introduction to an escape room. They got so excited! Great job!

  15. Kendra C.

    This is great! I also laminated for future use!

  16. Rebecca C.

    There’s a good amount of prep required for this so be prepared. I was so excited to use it with my class, but they really didn’t get into it like I’d hoped. I still think it’s a great product and will try again with a different group.

  17. Jamie B.

    My 4th graders loved this!

  18. Southern Teacher

    Lots of work to get it prepped but students had a fun time doing it!

  19. Stacy R.

    Great resource thanks!

  20. Nicole B.

    It was a fun review and easy to set up!

  21. Lacey Seymour

    The kids LOVED this product! They were so worried about the zombies getting into our classroom!

  22. TopGunnTeaching

    My kids are going to love this!

  23. Stephanie P.

    Loved the end of year math one so I decided to try another. Lots of fun. A little setup at the beginning but worth it.

  24. 4everblessed

    Looking forward to using this with my students in the fall!

  25. Buyer

    These take a while to set up but my 4th graders LOVED this activity. Interesting to see the group dynamics of math done when everyone is super motivated and excited. I used a zombie maker app to turn some teachers into zombies too lol.

  26. Mandy M.


  27. 4th Grade Giraffes

    My students enjoyed this but they struggled to complete the tasks

  28. Kristin H.


  29. Carrie BlairWilcox

    Fabulous resource!

  30. Stephanie Beduhn

    Great resource!!

  31. Michelle R.

    Excited to add this to my cracking the code collection! Thanks a bunch!

  32. Haylee C.

    This was a HUGE hit in my fourth grade math class. My students LOVED racing each other in teams to solve the clues and ultimately escape the room. I really like that this resource includes multiple options for those who classroom needs might vary. The set-up does take some time, but instructions are very easy to follow.

  33. Toiya C.

    My students had a great time using the escape room.

  34. Jennifer W.

    Love, love, love this product! My students were all engaged AND they were doing math and didn’t care!

  35. Rachel M.

    Easy set up, student friendly, and fun for them to do

  36. Buyer

    This was soooo much fun! Thank you!

  37. Chad V.

    We have done many of these and love them all.

  38. Julie B.

    I am looking forward to using this with my fourth graders next year! Thank you!

  39. Melissa T.

    My students love your escape rooms! Thank you for a great resource!

  40. Jordan Faler


  41. Lisa Curtis

    My students LOVE these! We use them as reviews and to celebrate holidays (but still be doing school stuff!)

  42. susan C.

    My class is so excited to Escape the Room again!! Great Review for end of the year!

  43. Kathy Storm

    This was fun for my 4th graders to practice math problem solving.

  44. Caroline C.

    Fantastic! Used this to prepare for our state testing and the students were thoroughly engaged.

  45. The Above and Beyond Teacher

    The set up was a bit of a challenge but my kiddos loved it!

  46. Education Crockpot

    Took awhile to prep everything, however, so fun! I have it all ready to go for next year now. The students loved it too. Thank you!

  47. Sarah B.

    Such a fun way to review math skills!

  48. Melanie H.

    We loved this! It was easy to organize and assemble. The students were engaged and lived the challenges.

  49. Sharon B.


  50. Buyer


  51. Kelli P.

    I’m super excited to try this in my classroom!

  52. Lacey Hutchinson

    Definitely do this as a class first!

  53. Kimberly Cirone

    Love this resource- thank you!!

  54. Buyer

    I used this as a review with my 4th grade class. It was great!!

  55. Buyer

    Fun Halloween activity ! Thank you !

  56. Mrs. Patmore

    Fun Halloween activity to keep kids engaged AND learning!

  57. Amy C.

    My students were engaged throughout the whole activity- Thanks!!

  58. Kimberly B.

    My students love “escape room” challenges.

  59. Marrisha P.

    This resource really helped to increase my students’ understanding.

  60. Leon’s Love of Learning

    We all loved this!!!!!

  61. Jeannine Haxton

    My kids loved it!

  62. Garden Full of Knowledge

    Just a fun and amazing resource! Love it!

  63. Jen M.

    Excellent Product!

  64. Margaret N.

    Great activity

  65. Stephanie P Stewart

    My students love these!

  66. Angel N.

    This was a hit! Thanks

  67. Laura Ekizian


  68. Francie Robertson

    I was really happy with this. My class had a challenging time with it and some didn’t finish. It def. requires perseverance and basic math skills. It might have been better for me to do later in the year.

  69. Marissa C.

    Kids loved it!

  70. Anne B.

    This resource was great! Thank you!

  71. Amy B.

    Holy student excitement! My students about came unglued when their heard about this escape room. They absolutely loved doing it and cannot wait for more.

  72. Julie B.

    SOooooooo much fun. Thanks.

  73. Amanda C.

    Great source. Probably would do this is groups next time. It was a little hard for my grade 4’s.

  74. Yevette Scearce

    Did this with my class on Halloween this year and they absolutely LOVED it! They “died”, but they were so competitive and engaged! I was laughing hysterically watching them! Will definitely purchase more! Thanks!

  75. debbi skolek

    What a blast! Thank you

  76. Laura S.

    So much fun. I can’t wait to “collect” them all.

  77. Lisa M.

    This takes a lot of effort to set up, but it is worth it. I can not tell you how much fun my students had working together to crack each code. It was such a fun and engaging Halloween activity. Also, I loved to see the amount of fun math thinking that was going at the same time as figuring out how to work as a team.

  78. Sonya D.

    Fun. My students had a blast.

  79. Lauren Wietor

    Thanks for sharing!

  80. Sarah L.

    My students absolutely loved this resource. It was easy to set up and they were very engaged in the activity.

  81. Heather Willcut

    This was so engaging and fun for my kiddos. Thank you so much for putting this resource together.

  82. Two Nuts Teachin’ from the Same Tree

    This was so much fun!

  83. OCD for Kinders

    Great product. Thank you!

  84. Katie H.

    Fun activity for everyone!

  85. Buyer

    This phenomenal activity was so engaging for my students. I used it during a grade-level differentiation day (where we switch students across the grade level based on math needs); the kids were focused on cracking the code for the entire hours! Even though all teams did not finish, they had a blast and really stepped up to the challenge.

  86. Brandi Z.

    My kiddos had a blast doing this!

  87. alisha Q.

    Amazing Resource. My students loved it and it aligned perfectly to standards.

  88. Rachael E.


  89. Jennifer W.

    Very fun & engaging

  90. anne C.

    Lots of prep but the students loved it

  91. Tara St Clair

    Looking forward to using this bundle during review!

  92. Kathryn M.

    My students loved it!

  93. Kathryn W.

    Thank You

  94. Stephanie N

    AMAZING! My students loved it and they were all engaged. Thank you!

  95. Ashley Nicole

    I have to adjust the grade level. This was too hard for my students given the time frame, but they loved it anyway!

  96. Rhiannon S.

    This was so much fun. It takes quite a bit of front loading, but the kids were super into it!

  97. MaryAnn Martin

    My kiddos love these!!!!

  98. Hayley B.

    SOOOO much fun!

  99. Katherine H.

    My students had so much fun with this!

  100. Buyer

    Awesome! My kids had so much fun. I will definitely purchase another. Great quality!

  101. Devinne B.

    My kiddos really loved this activity. It was the first one that we have done like this and they can’t wait until the next one!

  102. Christy H.

    This was invaluable to me and so worthwhile.

  103. Tara S.

    Challenging and fun!

  104. The Teaching Sisters

    My kids LOVED this!!! 🙂

  105. Lori G.

    Great for my 4th graders!

  106. Nancy H.

    Creative idea and fun to do with a class!

  107. Morgan G.

    It took me a while to figure out how to put it all together, but once I did, it was a breeze. STUDENTS LOVED IT! I made a tweak: instead of getting out of the room, they had to get in the room (didn’t want other students finding where the clues were as their classmates found them!). Thanks!

  108. Theresa L.

    Excellent and attention grabbing!

  109. Lizbeth W.

    Great resource. Kids love it!

  110. Matthew Putnam

    My students had so much fun with this!

  111. Heather E.

    They loved it! They are so excited about doing another one.

  112. Donna B.

    Great product!!!

  113. Buyer

    My kiddos had a blast with this! Thank you for creating and sharing! 🙂

  114. Kayla W.

    Took some time to put together but my students LOVED THIS!

  115. Crayons and Storybooks

    Great product!

  116. Tara S.

    My class was so pumped to do this! It’s a lot to put together, but so worth it! I felt like the directions for assembling it wasn’t as clear as it could be. I had to put together my own clear and concise one pager of how to assemble. I wish there was more space for student work. I would have liked to see the answer sheet divided if there was multiple answers for one number box. Besides that, it went great.

  117. Casey Andrews


  118. Cool Cats In School

    My students loved working on this for Halloween! Thank you!

  119. Lauren N.

    So much fun and very creative! The kids loved it!

  120. 2nd grade Snaps

    The time and effort that was put into this is amazing. The game went smoothly and my students loved it as a review of topics.

  121. Jennifer J.

    So fun for my class!

  122. Lora Stoddard

    This looks great. I cannot wait to use them with my class. I know it’s going to be a tremendous help. Thank you for sharing!

  123. Buyer

    My students loved this!

  124. Alexandra G.

    My students LOVED this activity for Halloween! I loved it too because it was educational AND fun!

  125. Monogrammed Teacher

    We loved this

  126. Katie P.

    So much fun!! My kiddos loved the activities and it went really well with small groups. It does take some time to construct. (Thank you for using your personal time to create it!)

  127. Katie P.

    My kids enjoyed this! It was challenging for them, but still kept them engaged! Thank you!

  128. Sheryl M.

    My kids loved doing this one! It was our first one to do in groups and they did so well! I appreciate all the hard work that must have went into it! Thanks

  129. Beth L.

    Excited to use!

  130. Learning with Miss LaGrow

    Engaging as always! 🙂

  131. Jessica Kularski

    This was a great activity to do to celebrate Halloween and get some math review in. Everything matched what we had just finished in Eureka module 1. Thanks for this great activity!!

  132. Anabelle boyle

    The kids ate this up!

  133. Karen S.

    So much fun but it took my students a long time to complete!

  134. Mrs Dahlface

    This was a huge hit! I love that they needed critical thinking skills, could work collaboratively, and still had sooo much fun. Thank you!

  135. Carlynne M.

    My kids LOVED this!!! It was a perfect activity for my class on Halloween

  136. Buyer

    Thank you.

  137. Jessica Walker

    Excited to use this next year with my students! Great resource!

  138. Annalee W.

    Tons of fun!

  139. Fun-N-Fourth

    Love these – thanks!!!

  140. iTeach Notepads to iPads

    I did this as a Halloween activity for my 4th graders. I had to make some adaptations to cut it down to 20 minutes because we were doing short rotations as a grade-level, but this was so helpful!

  141. Marisa Stolte

    My students absolutely loved this! We can;t wait to do more!

  142. Emily D.

    So much fun! My kids loved this and it was a great review! The pictures were very helpful in setting up the game

  143. Crystal W.


  144. Eva B.

    My 4th grade students loved this activity. It was great for collaboration practice.

  145. Emily S.

    This was incredible! My students had never been so engaged!

  146. Anne R.

    My class had SO much fun! Looking into buying another one or two!

  147. Jennifer C.

    These are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! It teaches teamwork, they learn as they are having fun (which is hard to do with activities like this but they do). I am buying all of them for 4th grade!

  148. Katy H.

    So fun!

  149. Lori L.

    I am now hooked on your escape room games. My kids had such a blast. I’ve already gotten two more of them to do this season. Keep up the great work.

  150. Kealey J.

    Super fun activity! I suggest doing it in small groups if you have a bigger class. I did it as a whole class activity and I had kids getting bored and other kids getting frustrated with each other. It was a good activity to actually engage my students on Halloween.

  151. Veronica E.

    My students had fun!

  152. Buyer

    LOVE!!!! My students had a great time with this escape room!

  153. Lindsay F.

    My students really enjoyed cracking the code! Very easy to set up!

  154. Essie Education

    My students absolutely LOVED this activity! While it required a lot of prep up front, it was totally worth it.

  155. Allison S.

    This was such a great addition to the spooky, creepy, scary theme that I had in my classroom for the week of Halloween. Students were engaged and excited so they did not even realize they were reviewing math skills

  156. Jessica A.

    We used this at our Family Night, and although it was a lot of prep it was awesome!

  157. Sarah B.

    Love that it reviews math.

  158. Jerad B.

    My class loved this!!

  159. Heather K.

    My students were so engaged in this and it really helped build on their skills.

  160. crazy for crazy cats

    The kids were challenged by this, but it did take a few days of math lessons for my 4th graders to get through this. This was only our second escape room, however, which might have played into it. They loved it!

  161. Casey B

    I can’t wait to use this!

  162. Samantha H.

    Great product. The students loved. It did take a lot of prep time. I will use again. Thanks

  163. Monica Parsons

    I can’t say enough about this product! It is amazing! It comes with very detailed explanations and pictures to get it set up. My kids were 100% engaged. I have never seen them do so much math in such a short amount of time! This is a must-have for any classroom!

  164. Jessica C.

    My kids loved this activity!

  165. Kristin H.

    Such a perfect way to keep the kiddos engaged on Halloween! Fun & Educational!

  166. Sarah B.

    So fun! Thanks!

  167. Cheri Ingle

    These are so much fun and educational!

  168. ANDREA N.

    This was so engaging!! I will buy many more.

  169. Rulers and Pan Balances

    Super fun and engaging. Not hard to put together but does require a good deal of prep time. Most students need at least 60 minutes to either finish or come close to finishing. Make sure to let students know that every card requires a math problem. Eager students tend to skip a few of the problems as they go trying to figure out the next clue.

  170. Paula W.

    My students really loved this! I have now purchased the Thanksgiving one to use too! I thought it was going to be difficult to set up, but your directions are very clear and it was not difficult. It does take some time, but it is worth it! Thanks!

  171. Melanie G.

    The kids loved this. I feel like I should have allowed more time though since there were multiple steps.

  172. Hillary A.

    I did not get to use this yet because I think it may be a little challenging for the group of kiddos that I have in math. But I love how details the packet is. It gives a lot of pages and really thought of everything!

  173. Meredith H.

    What a fun activity! My students loved it!

  174. Erika B.

    Students loved it and cannot wait to do another one. Thank you!

  175. nikkig1209

    Great resource! I can’t wait to use it with my students!

  176. Angana G.

    Love it! Thanks!

  177. Katy H.

    Super cool idea!

  178. Front of the Class

    Awesome Halloween Activity

  179. Lameka Simmons

    Great activity for the whole class.

  180. Susan W.

    Really fun, but pretty slow if you do it whole group. I added keys to a breakout box lock to the big envelopes, so I couldn’t do small groups. Takes a while to assemble, but instructions are very clear and walk you through every step. Worth the cost!

  181. Amanda P.

    Awesome Thank you!! My kids LOVED it!!

  182. Caryssa S.

    Absolutely loved this resource! It took some time to put it together but the instructions were very detailed and made it really easy. My kids loved doing it this morning and I loved that even on a day like Halloween where they just want to play they were able to practice their skills without realizing it.

  183. April R.

    Can’t wait to use this with my class.

  184. Kristen K.

    So excited to use this awesome resouce with my kids. Easy to follow the directions, and love that pictures have been included. Love that I have the option of having groups “escape” or the whole class! Can’t wait to look at the rest of your escape products!

  185. Christine M.

    My class is going to do this tomorrow. I can’t wait to try it! Love that it was easy to set up, thanks to your step-by-step directions!

  186. Jennifer B.

    Loved it! Thanks for making planning a breeze!

  187. Xiomara V.

    Fun and engaging for all students! Love this resource! Thanks!!!

  188. Kelly W.

    This is awesome thank you!

  189. Cassie G.

    Haven’t used this yet but plan on using this for my math lesson on Halloween. I am super excited. There was a lot of prep but I am hopeful that it is only a one time prep.

  190. Buyer


  191. Alicia N.

    Awesome! I can’t wait to use this activity with my students

  192. South’s Space

    Excited to use this! It is well explained and planned out.

  193. Jordan A.

    Teresa you must absolutely be a sheer genius to have created this activity! Incredible! I have cannot wait to do this with my students this week on Halloween! They are going to be OBSESSED! It took me hours to cut, glue, etc. but I chose to laminate everything so I can use it for years to come!

  194. Hayley D.

    I am so excited to do this with my class for a fun Halloween activity. Thanks for including such great instructions to prep this activity!

  195. Jennifer Shaver

    Awesome resource, just in time for Halloween

  196. K M.

    I’m very excited to use this product. A lot of comments were about the time of prep, but I just assembled the entire thing (including laminating) in about 30 minutes. For as much fun as I know the kids are going to have, that’s totally worth it!

  197. Julissa R.


  198. Kristin West

    Love it as a fun way to practice skills!

  199. MrsDTeaches Me

    AHHH I can’t wait to do this on Monday!!!

  200. Alice T.

    Can’t wait to use this on Halloween!!

  201. Brittany L.

    Love it! 🙂

  202. Alyssa V.

    I agree that the set up is a little time consuming, not to mention the materials needed (envelopes, colored paper) however it was fun and engaging for my class! I plan on buying the Thanksgiving one next! 🙂

  203. Jennifer I.

    Thank you. It is a lot of prep work, but totally worth it.

  204. Katelin H.

    I am so excited to try this in my classroom! If the kids enjoy it and are on task, I will look into buying the whole bundle. I love how there is one for every grade seeing as I am teaching a split class!

  205. Sunshine H.

    This was a great activity for my 4th grade math club!! Great resource.

  206. Jennifer K.

    Loved this so much I went purchased them all!! Kids had so much fun with this!

  207. Brandi G.


  208. Charnise E.

    It was a great activity that my students loved.

  209. Shea Z.

    I love this series of ‘cracking the classroom code’. So engaging for my students!

  210. Tracey K.

    My students love these!!

  211. Buyer

    Love this!

  212. Amber Czapansky

    Very cute! I can’t wait to use this for a fun activity after our test this week.

  213. Buyer

    Thanks : )

  214. Zahra L.

    This was one of the coolest activities we’ve done in class so far. My students were so excited! It took a lot of careful planning on my end, but it was definitely worth it!

  215. Buyer

    I have never loved a resource more than this one!!!!!!! My students have never been more engaged by an enrichment activity!!!! Although the set up takes about 45 minutes between cutting out and getting the folders ready, it is worth every minute! Great price!

  216. Jennifer B.

    I was afraid this was going to be difficult to set up, but it went very smoothly. My kids loved it. They did not even realize they spent almost an hour practicing math skills!

  217. Natalie M.

    So much fun! Thank you!!

  218. Angela D.


  219. Buyer

    Can’t wait to try this with my students!

  220. Anna Turner

    Can’t wait to use this! Thank you!

  221. Kaitlyn Murphy


  222. Kimberly S.

    Can’t wait to use this!

  223. The Preppy Educator

    Wonderful Resource!!!!

  224. Amber L.

    I cannot wait to use this on Halloween! I have already told my students we would be “escaping the classroom” on Halloween, and they are so excited! Thank you!

  225. amy S.

    Really fun and a great teamwork activity!

  226. Stacey J.

    I am excited to use this in my class.

  227. Buyer

    The kids are going to love when I set this up closer to Halloween

  228. Ninaree L.

    Very detailed and so fun!!!

  229. Jennifer B.

    Thank you! Very clear directions! Excited to use this in the classroom during the holidays! 🙂

  230. Susan R.

    Can’t wait to try this with my students! Thanks!

  231. Mary Palmer

    Can’t wait to try this out with my students.

  232. Jennifer J.

    Thank you! 🙂

  233. Brooke W.

    This is the perfect October activity to review place value, addition, and subtraction! Thank you so much!

  234. sharyl K.

    CAn’t wait to use this in the classroom it would be so much fun thank you

  235. Coleman’s Classroom Creations

    Love how engaged my students are during these activities. Fantastic how-to instructions making it easy to put together!

  236. Buyer

    Awesome! I am sure my students are going to love this!

  237. Buyer


  238. Breeanna Gibson

    My class loved this!

  239. Linda Rightweiser

    Super Fun for the Kiddos

  240. Kathryn F.

    What a great way to set the stage for engagement!

  241. Schmitt’s Little Bits

    This is great! I printed everything and had a parent volunteer figure out how to put it all together! I can’t wait to use this with my students. It’s a perfect review for our math unit and it fits with October!

  242. MissL5206

    Excellent! Thanks!

  243. Delaney C.

    Excited to use this!

  244. Nancy G.

    Excited to use this!

  245. Sarah B.

    This is SO cute! However, setting it up is super complicated. It took me almost an hour to do just one set. It’s a great review though.

  246. Cyndy T.

    I can’t wait to use this as review with my math class! How very creative and thorough!

  247. Tiffany Waller

    Can’t wait to do this with my class!

  248. Midnight in 2nd Grade

    love it!

  249. Judy P.

    My kiddos are going to love this!

  250. Elizabeth C.

    Great Resource that I can’t wait to use with my students!

  251. Oodles of Goodies

    The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. There is some prep that must be put into the activity, but it is worth it. I personally laminate these escape games to use year after year. My students love when we play a new one. This is a FANTASTIC resource! All of the Cracking the Classroom Codes are a must buy!

  252. Angela Benson

    I can’t wait to use this as a review with my kids next month, thank you!

  253. Sheri D.

    I am very excited to do this with my students in the next couple of weeks!

  254. Kristin E.

    I can’t wait to use this as a review with my students next week! I know they’re going to love it, and I love that it comes with both the QR code and regular number problem versions. Beautifully done! Thank you!

  255. Linda B.

    Love these escape rooms.

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