Escape Room Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Math Review Game


Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. To escape, students will solve clues and math problems found throughout the classroom. This is a review game for the math concepts taught in 4th grade. It can be played in small groups, or as a whole class. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing as a whole class for the first time.


Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. To escape, students will solve clues and math problems found throughout the classroom. This is a review game for the math concepts taught in 4th grade. It can be played in small groups, or as a whole class. If your class has never played an Escape Room Cracking the Classroom Code game before, I suggest playing as a whole class for the first time.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. Students try and solve clues and math problems to escape the classroom.You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I will suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). To unlock their envelopes, students will need to solve math problems. A paper is provided so students can show their work for each problem. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the problem.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.

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320 reviews for Escape Room Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Math Review Game

  1. Tammy S.

    Perfect way to start my 5th grade year…students loved the review.

  2. Halie F.

    I used this as standardized test review and my students seemed to really enjoy it!

  3. Sarah A.

    Students loved this activity! Thank you!

  4. Buyer

    Great Product! Thanks

  5. Buyer

    A favorite!

  6. Robyn R.

    Fun activity

  7. Tracy H.

    Love this. Students will enjoy this as review from last year!!

  8. Dawn S.

    This is a fabulous way to start my year. Thanks for the resource!

  9. Amy B.

    Very engaging activity for students!

  10. Teri J.

    Great activity.

  11. susan B.

    Great product!

  12. The Creative Keelings

    Oh my goodness! The students were SO engaged in this activity. I’m going to need some more of these!

  13. Stefanie P.

    We had so much fun!

  14. Robin P.


  15. Annette U.

    Great theme!

  16. Aubree L.

    Wonderful product!

  17. Leah Matsuura

    Great resource and so much fun to watch unfold in the classroom! Great way to review before testing begins.

  18. marcia C.

    I teach 4th grade and this review packet covers our standards and is a great tool.

  19. Shannon P.

    My 4th graders loved this

  20. Sparkling in middleschool

    Super fun…students didn’t realize how much they were learning!

  21. Sarah G.

    These are so incredibly fun and engaging!

  22. Katherine K.

    This is awesome!

  23. Buyer

    This was a lot of fun! We completed this as a whole class since this was our first one. The kids were engaged and collaborated to find the accurate solutions.

  24. Beth W.

    Great review! Students really enjoyed it!

  25. Lewin P.

    Excellent product! Fun, effective and challenging!

  26. Kelly T.

    kids loved it

  27. Erin F.

    My students love escape rooms and it helps them get excited about math!

  28. Teach You Howe

    Great way to integrate technology and learning!

  29. Amber W.

    My students had a blast with this! The directions were very clear and precise and it was a lot of fun!!

  30. Alisha P.

    I can’t wait to see how much fun my students have playing and learning with this resource.

  31. Emily M.

    My students loved this! Cant wait to use it again.

  32. Carolyn W.

    So creative!

  33. Emma R.

    My students had the best FUN playing this game. They wanted MORE. Thank you for a fantastic resource!

  34. Jenna Lindner

    so much fun!

  35. Lisa W.

    It was a fun and engaging way to prepare my students for the FSA test. Thank you.

  36. David L.

    My class LOVED this. The directions made for easy setup and I am able to reuse. I cannot wait for this years kids to have a chance to do this! Thank you!!

  37. Lyndsey M.


  38. Carly B.

    Great review game! My students had a blast! I played pirate music and had eye patches.

  39. Ashton Y.

    Love this game and can’t wait to use it with my kiddos!

  40. Jenni Yingling

    What a great product! Thanks!!

  41. Buyer

    Great product

  42. Darla B.

    Great fun

  43. Diane Siekmann

    My students LOVED this activity! So engaging and just the right level of challenge for them.

  44. Debra H.

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I love this.

  45. Jennifer Ferrante

    This looks great! So excited to use this with my learners!

  46. Alexandra L.

    fun resource!

  47. Brandy H.

    My class loved this game!

  48. Taylor S.

    Great resource! Thank you!

  49. Sprinkles of Elementary

    LOVE LOVE!!! This activity is very engaging and keeps the interest of students the entire time! The only downfall is that there is a lot of prep, but that’s with any escape room.

  50. Pocketful of Primary

    Teresa nailed it with this resource! My students had a BLAST and the directions made it super easy to assemble! I laminated everything so I can use it again in the future. This was such an engaging way to review math topics at the end of the year. I will recommend this to every teacher I know!

  51. Shondricka Lovelace

    I look forward to using this with my 5th graders this year! Thanks!

  52. Amanda Y.

    Students loved it!

  53. The Gypsy Teacher

    This is such a fun way to end the year of math! You’ve done all the hard work for us, and you make it so easy to organize! The kids love these escape rooms, and I love that they are reviewing what we’ve learned! Thank you!

  54. teresa H.

    Excellent resource

  55. Sharon Wilson

    Loved this!

  56. Mary Ann P.

    My students love escape rooms

  57. Jessica W.

    This was so great and so helpful to help my students review!

  58. Mckenzie C.

    These products are so amazing. My kids love them! Sometimes I need to tweak the content due to being the the State of VA, but for the most part they cover all of VA standards. This was a great end of year Review and helped my students practice for State tests in a fun way.

  59. Dianna Griffith

    Fun way to wrap up our year! Thank you!

  60. Buyer

    So much fun!! Thank you

  61. Buyer

    I love this product! Thank you!

  62. Classroom Fanatic

    My kids did a great job working together on this and staying engaged. Thank you so much for the variety. I look forward to using more of the escapes!

  63. Kristi Stoller

    My students loved this! Thank you!

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    My students were engaged and worked together! Great review!

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    The students in my class were so excited to do this activity! They loved it! Thank you for creating this fun resource.

  66. Buyer

    great resource

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    My class loved this!

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    My students loved this activity.

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    Great review for the end of the year!

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    I plan on using this as a review at the beginning of the year with my 5th graders.

  71. Melissa S.

    well done

  72. Heather P.

    This was a very engaging way to review for end of year tests! My students loved it!

  73. Sheila W.

    Great resource, thank you!

  74. Sara Crandell

    The kids loved this! It was great for the end of the year.

  75. Lori L.

    Awesome resource. I love all of them and have quite a few of them.

  76. Alyce Mikkonen

    My 4th graders loved this!!

  77. Alison S.

    This looks so fun.

  78. Valery G.

    I have completed other “escape room” lessons and this product is complete. The questions and options for students to work together is great. This product does take time to prepare but once it’s done the students have a great time.

  79. Alicia T.


  80. Elementary School Garden

    Students enjoyed this fun escape the room activity. It was the perfect addition to our beach day.

  81. christine H.

    Can’t wait to try this with my kids! It is super cute and seems like something they will love. Easy enough to put together.

  82. Kelly King

    Love this!

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    Looking forward to using this next school year.

  84. Kelly W.

    This is amazing thank you!!

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    My kids loved this!

  86. Alicia F.

    such a great interactive activity

  87. paula C.

    Was lots of fun. Class loved it.

  88. Doodle Bugzz

    My students LOVED this! I can’t wait to purchase more to use throughout the year!

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    Sooooo much fun!!!

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    Fun activity!

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    My students loved this activity and it was a great way to review at the end of the year!

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    This was so much fun! My kids loved it!

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    My kids had so much fun with this!

  94. Kaleigh B.

    Used it as a review the last week of school! It really was a great “team work” activity, too. Might need to do one at the beginning of the year to work on our team work skills 🙂 Great activity and perfect for 4th!

  95. Buyer

    super fun

  96. Tina N.

    Lots of fun!

  97. Megan Linch

    This was a great product! It was the first Escape style activity I’ve done with my class, but it was easy to set up and the kids LOVED it!

  98. Buyer

    Great end of year review!

  99. Elizabeth E.

    It took me a little time to read and create all the pieces but it was certainly worth my time. Class loved the activity. Will use it over and over again. Thank you.

  100. Buyer


  101. Learning Endlessly

    A bit of prep work required, but the kids loved it!

  102. Morgan B.

    Awesome activity for end of year. My kiddos loved it!

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    Great end of year activity! Thank you!

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    This is great!

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    excited to use it

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    Can’t wait to use this in my classroom!

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    Such a super fun way for students to review! Thank you!

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    My students had a blast, thank you!

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    My students loved this product! It was a great review before the standardized test.

  110. Elizabeth Hohenbery

    This was a blast. We played in teams of five or six and had only one group escape 🙂

  111. MsTechTeach

    I used this with my 5th graders as a begining of the year type of review. They loved it!

  112. Brittany V.

    I cannot thank you enough for creating this resource!! The kids loved it so much. They had so much fun, and I have never seen my class work as hard in teams than they did with this activity (usually I have some who do all the work while everyone else watches, or I have kids who just argue the whole time — NONE OF THAT HAPPENED WITH THIS)! This was a great tool to use as an end of the year review.

  113. Casey F.

    Great for testing review!

  114. Sarah Pangilinan

    A fun resource, but it was definitely labor-intensive to put together! My kids really enjoyed it.

  115. Erin M.

    Got everything set up and cannot wait to use this with my 4th graders!

  116. Jennifer D.

    My students liked this a lot!

  117. JENNIFER K.

    My students really enjoyed themselves. Thank you!

  118. Amy Swift S.

    My class loves these escape rooms!

  119. Buyer

    Fun for kids!

  120. Carroll H.

    Great resource! Such a fun Math test prep activity!

  121. Jane B.

    A super fun way to review! My students really enjoyed this!

  122. Kendall O.

    Thanks fun activity!

  123. Amy W.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tried putting this together for a whole class activity for over an hour and a half, and I finally had to put everything away because it drove me nuts. I read the directions over and over, and I could not make sense of it. It looks like a great review game, and I was really excited to use this, but like I said, perhaps it’s just me.

  124. Jill B.

    Thank you! Fun activity!

  125. Kellyann M.

    Sooo much fun! Thank you! My kiddos LOVED this resource!

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    Awesome resource!

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    My class LOVES this activity! It’s perfect for the end of school when there is a lull after SOL testing!

  128. Ashley B.

    can’t wait to use

  129. Jennifer W.

    Love, love, love! Thank you so much for the highly engaging, well thought out, practical use of math review and cooperation!

  130. Candace K.

    Wow! This is an awesome product! The kids loved going around the room and finding the different clues. Thank you 🙂

  131. jennifer T.

    what a great help!

  132. Darlene A.

    This is the third escape room I have purchased. My students love them. They are quite a bit to put together but I have trained one of my students and she’s amazing at getting them prepared. I highly recommend any of the Escape rooms.

  133. Jane S.

    My students loved this escape room.

  134. Buyer

    Thanks for a fun end of year activity!

  135. Angie T.

    Loved it!

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    I am so excited to get my students up and engaged and use this in my classroom.

  137. ROOM 170

    Excellent resource, thank you so much!

  138. SHANNON G.


  139. Stephanie U.


  140. Brian L.

    great resource

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    Great! Thanks!

  142. Kathleen W.

    Great resource! Thank you!!

  143. Pamela D.

    We had soooo much fun doing this as a class!

  144. Kristy Luperon

    I’m excited to try this! The only downside is that there is a ton of prep work involved.

  145. Maerry in 4th

    I haven’t played this with my kids yet but I am looking forward to it. I think we will do it whole group since this is our first one. Thank you!

  146. Maureen G.

    Can’t wait to try this

  147. Small Fish Big Pond Teaching

    My kids love escape rooms!

  148. Colleen H.

    We had SO much fun using this during our test review! So engaging!

  149. Jessica S.

    My students really enjoyed this as a test review. It was engaging, fun and a great standards review.

  150. Rachael P.

    I can’t believe how in-depth this product was for the price. My students had so much “escaping.” Thanks!

  151. Colleen S.

    Looking forward to using this in a few weeks as an end of year activity.

  152. Kerry T.

    Well done product – no mistakes, great teacher instructions, students loved it, full review – great!

  153. Buyer

    So much fun! Kids love this!

  154. Leann R.

    This looked daunting to put together at first, but the seller did an amazing and thorough job of making this easy to do. Thanks for a great day- my kids loved it!!

  155. Lisa S.

    Fun and unique way to practice math skills.

  156. Karen J.

    Students loved this! Great math test prep activity!

  157. Lisa S.

    Fun way to review Math standards at the end of the year!

  158. Spencer G.

    Rigorous! My students must be slow mathematicians. lol I tried it twice once 45 minutes to complete and the 2nd time 1 hour and they didn’t finish either time! It really showed me what they knew and didn’t know!

  159. Cari R.

    I just did this today with my fourth graders. They absolutely loved it. Great resource, will definitely use for years to come.

  160. Kathia A.

    I cannot wait to use this product!!! Thanks!

  161. Dailey Math Magic

    Recently purchased this and can’t wait to use it after we take our state test. Reading the directions has me a bit intimidated, but I know it’ll be worth it!

  162. Buyer

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    This was a great activity for my kiddos to review math skills.

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    This is so fun! Thanks so much!

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    I’ve bought these before and my kids LOVE them! Excited to do this one with them. 🙂

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    Cannot wait to use this with my students! great for test review!

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    WOW! what a great resource! kids loved it!

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    This was great to review before testing and kept them engaged and still learning. One student told me he remembered the escape classroom solving better than when he learned it in class. they loved it!

  174. Sarah H.

    My kids LOVED it! Great review!

  175. Melissa Dotson

    This was great. Used it for my observation, and got compliments on how engaged students were.

  176. Alicia V.

    Great Review! Fun and exciting when you split them into different groups.

  177. Anne H.

    Engaging activity!

  178. Amanda M.

    The instructions for set-up are clear and thorough. My students are having a great time reviewing everything they have learned in 4th grade math. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this; I will definitely be buying more of these for next year.

  179. Kristine T.

    Love this! I love that copies for both small group and whole class are included!

  180. Amanda R.

    This is awesome! Thanks!

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    I underestimated the prep process for this activity but it is very thorough and provides multiple colors for larger classes to break into groups. They loved this activity.

  182. Felicia F.

    Love this

  183. Brittany D.

    My students LOVED this (4th grade). They were engaged and all about getting off of the pirate ship! I loved how helpful the instructions were when setting up! I would’ve been so confused if it wasn’t for all that time that you put into this! Thanks so much!

  184. Jennifer C.

    My class BEGS for these! Always engaged and I never have to redirect students! It helps by putting them in the smallest groups as possible (I can do 3 in a group this year).

  185. Lauren Iacovone

    My students absolutely love these. Thank you for finding a way to make math super fun and engaging.

  186. Alyssa Schulist

    My students love completing these challenges! Thank you!

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    A great end of year review!

  188. Fun in Second Grade Grade

    Thank you

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    This game is amazing! The kids had a lot of fun with it even if they didn’t quite grasp the concept of the puzzle part being ELL’s. Overall, still amazing!

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  195. Buyer

    I can’t wait to use this with my students! I think I might need to buy more! 🙂

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    my students love all of these resources that you have created. Thanks for sharing!

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    I can’t wait to use this!!

  198. Deanna R.

    Great product, but a little more time consuming to complete than I had hoped.

  199. Kristen McCurdy

    Thank you! I am so exited to complete this with my students!

  200. amy P.

    Wonderful review!

  201. Bakk’s Tops

    Kids enjoyed doing this while reviewing previously taught content.

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    I used this with my students today as a review and they loved it! Thank you!

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    I used this in the beginning of the year with my fifth graders – turns out we struggled a bit!

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    thank you for saving me the time and energy to create a great and fun way to review before the state test!

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    I do not have access to colored ink and colored paper is hard to come by at my school. I wish there was a better option than just two for set up. Otherwise, this is a great product. I’m scrounging around for colored paper and can’t wait for my kids to try this!

  211. susan C.

    My class is so excited to Escape the Room again!! Great Review for end of the year!

  212. Caroline C.

    Fantastic way to encourage students to review previously taught skills.

  213. Steven P.

    My kids love this.

  214. Natasha S.

    My students really enjoyed this activity for an end of the year review. I actually had a 5th grade student help with organizing the folders. He was excited to be a teacher helper.

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    What a fun way to review!!!

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    Oh my goodness my students love, love, love these escape rooms. Thanks for the time you put into engaging kids in fun learning!

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    Can’t wait to try this out—directions were easy to follow

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  227. Dawn Torrain


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    This resource looks amazing. I can’t wait to begin to put it together tomorrow and have my students use it later this week. Thank you.

  230. Shannon M.

    I have used many of the Unlock the Classroom resources with my class this year and they really enjoy it! I am excited to use this one to review right before our state testing. I also love how these promote teamwork!

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  232. Codelyn Willis

    Great Resource! My class loved it and had so much fun with it. Everyone was so engaged the whole time! A+!

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    Great game!

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    Excellent resource that my students loved!

  236. Amanda G.

    This is my first attempt at ‘cracking the classroom code’ and we are excited to utilize this resource after PARCC testing! This was easy to set up as the instructions were clear and concise. Thank you for including pictures for 1st timers like me!

  237. Anna M.

    This should be a lot of fun with the child I tutor. Can’t wait to try it out!

  238. Amy H.


  239. McKenna Hatch

    I always love the escape the classroom activities!

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    This is a great way to make learning fun!

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    This is organized and so easy for the teacher to use. Thank you!

  242. Theresa C.

    My AGP students love these activities. So fun!

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    I’m prepping this activity for the Friday before spring break. It looks like so much fun! I’m confident my students will love it.

  244. Buyer

    SO much fun! Great review game!

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    Kids absolutely loved this!!!

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    Such an awesome activity!

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    Definitely takes some prep time, but we will be using this as review before the big state testing! Thanks for a fun resource!

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    Love it! Can’t wait to use this with my two classes!

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    Would have been great if we could edit the file.

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    I love this resource for State Testing preparation. I set up the different clues and envelopes in breakout boxes! It was really fun.

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    Great way to review skills.

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    This activity was extremely engaging and easy to set up!

  261. Cherie A.

    This was so easy to put together and use! I used this at the beginning of the year with my 5th grade groups as a review. It also allowed me to see who struggles more with math concepts, and I was able to take note of concepts I might need to spend more time with.

  262. Carpenter E.

    Although this activity takes focus to set up and get organized, it played out really well. My students easily followed the steps and enjoyed the activity!

  263. Guadalupe G.

    The kids absolutely love these!

  264. Buyer

    SO FUN! Engaging, entertaining, awesome! The kids had a great time with this.

  265. Cindy H.

    Looking forward to using this with my class.

  266. Lisa M.

    We do a pirate week every year. This is a great resource to add to our week.

  267. Annie Greeno

    This was a great activity. We used if the last week before school let out.

  268. Zoe G.

    Fun review!

  269. Dana B.

    My students loved this activity! And how lucky I was that district people walked into my class and remarked how engaged the students were.

  270. Monica Allen


  271. Mary B.

    Love that this is an escape room that involves math review!

  272. Kimberly C.

    My class loved this!! The qr codes made it much easier for them.

  273. Amy B.

    Can’t wait for my students to crack the code!

  274. Dawn F.

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  275. Teach in J

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  276. Thoughts of a Tiny Teacher

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  277. Buyer

    Awesome! Used this at the beginning of the school year with my Grade 5 students. Students loved it! Gave me a sense of skills students have mastered a where their weaknesses may lie. Fun!

  278. 123’s and IEP’s

    I am looking forward to completing this activity with my students. They love to solve mysteries, so I know they will love this. Thank you!

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    I think this will be great, but the set-up/prep is overwhelming

  281. Jennifer H.

    The kids were engaged the entire time!

  282. Chelsie D.

    This was a fun task for the kids. They loved trying to crack the code and solve their problems in time! The thorough directions made it easy to set up as well.

  283. Candace’s Corner

    Used this as an engaging review for my students and it was so much fun!!!!! A little work to organize but worth it!!

  284. Nicole C.

    Looking foward to using this.

  285. Suzanne M.

    Thank you for a Wonderful product!

  286. Linda D.

    I used this as an introduction to 5th grade math. It was a fun way to see what student mastered in 4th grade.

  287. MathLady2437

    Students enjoyed this activity very much.

  288. Jennifer Phillips

    Tons of fun and some hidden learning 🙂

  289. Brittany R.

    Fun and Easy to use!

  290. Stephanie V.

    Used at the beginning of 5th and it was great

  291. John M.

    Once I finished setting it up, which admittedly took a while, my kids loved it!

  292. Erica Linderman

    This product is SO engaging! I love using it with my students.

  293. Lauren H.

    Kids loved this activity! Great resource! Thanks so much!

  294. Buyer

    Great way to start the year

  295. Emily A.

    My students LOVED this activity!!! This is an awesome activity that helps them move around and learn at the same time!

  296. LaCretia R.

    My students had so much fun doing this! I liked how detailed the instructions and set up was!

  297. Teaching in the Tar Heel State

    So much information and work provided! This was my first look at an escape room, my kids are hooked.

  298. Rhonda W.

    Recommend highly! Even adults have fun with this, which may be the best way to learn how to use this resource-do it at a teacher meeting.

  299. Erin H.

    I played this game with my 5th graders at the beginning of the school year and they loved it! It was an excellent review to get them back to school. Looking forward to playing the 5th grade version at the end of the year!!

  300. Tammy S.

    We used this a a first week review and the students really enjoyed it.

  301. CG Designs

    Very well organized. Loved that there were less expensive ways to put it together. My fifth graders said they never had so much fun solving math problems.

  302. Buyer

    Awesome…thank you!

  303. Nicole D.

    Fun for students. They had a blast with this. Thanks!

  304. Jen M.

    Getting ready to prep this activity! I’m so excited for my students to do it!

  305. Brittany A.

    Excited to use this during our last week together! My kids will love it 🙂

  306. Robin B

    Looks like lots of fun!

  307. Sarah N.

    So engaging!

  308. Buyer


  309. Kara M.

    Awesome, very fun. Great review!

  310. Jamie M.

    Amazing review! My students were engaged the entire time…but it did take us 3 sets of 45 minutes to escape. 🙂

  311. Chris R.

    The kids loved this! Thank you!

  312. B Duke


  313. Elena Pantoja

    The kids LOVED THIS!! They had so much fun and I actually had a teacher asked if her class could join in on the fun!

  314. Wendy W.

    LOVED it!!!! I’m so glad I found these to use as reviews at the end of our school year!!! One of my kids said, “This is the best class ever because we get to do fun stuff like this!” Validation 🙂

  315. Cindy A.

    Going to use it for our elementary family Math night! Can’t wait:) Thank you!

  316. Emily M.

    This will be SO FUN! I can’t wait to have my kids play this as we review.

  317. anne B.

    Can’t wait to try this after testing!

  318. AQeelah M.

    I just finished prepping the game and I can hardly wait for my kiddos to play today! This looks fabulous Teresa!!! You never cease to amaze me…great job! Thank you for always keeping my students engaged, including rigor in ALL your resources, and keeping the activities fun. I am hoping you will continue to make additional Cracking the Classroom Code bundles for ALL of the 4th grade math strands…hint, hint!!!

  319. Rockin’ Teacher Materials-Hilary Lewis

    We did Escape from Mars today and it was so AWESOME! The kids were so engaged and had so much fun. I had a blast watching and listening to the excited collaboration going on. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get the zoo and pirate kits set up and ready to go! Hilary 🙂

  320. Ms Klick

    My kiddos loved it!

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