Halloween Retro Bulletin Board Decor, Labels and Posters for Classroom Decorations



Decorate your classroom with this Retro Halloween Decor Kit! This comprehensive kit captures the whimsical essence of Halloween past, that includes posters, images and labels for your bulletin boards or classroom doors.

Key Features of the Halloween Decor Kit:

Classic Poster Designs: The kit features 10 meticulously designed Halloween posters to add to your classroom space this spooky season.
Personalized Labels: Make each student feel special! These labels are designed not just for names but also to frame student pictures, transforming the classroom into a personalized retro Halloween gallery.
Diverse Decorative Imagery: Elevate your classroom décor with a variety of timeless Halloween shapes and images. From cats to jack-o-lanterns, our decorative elements—skulls, bats, ghosts, witch hats, and more—bring Halloween to life.
Versatile Display Options: Arrange, rearrange, and customize your displays. With a variety of elements at your disposal, creating a unique and ever-evolving classroom display has never been easier.
High-Quality Graphics: Each image, poster, and label is ready to print and looks great in any classroom.
Ideal For:

Classroom bulletin board decoration.
Student art galleries with a festive twist.
Creating a themed backdrop for Halloween activities or reading corners.
Showcasing student achievements in a celebratory Halloween setting.
Package Includes:

10 vintage-inspired Halloween posters.
Personalizable labels for names or student photos.
A range of decorative Halloween images and shapes.


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