Halloween Escape Room 3rd Grade Math Cracking the Classroom Code™


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing 3rd grade rounding, and addition and subtraction with whole numbers. Students will be practicing rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. Your class will also get practice with adding and subtracting within 1,000.


Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing 3rd grade rounding, and addition and subtraction with whole numbers. Students will be practicing rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. Your class will also get practice with adding and subtracting within 1,000.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. They are trying to escape a mob of zombies that has overtaken the school. Students must solve a string of math questions and clues, as well as decode different ciphers, to escape. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing this as a whole class. However, materials are provided for up to 6 different groups to play at one time.

**Versions with and without QR codes included!

Students try and solve clues and questions to breakout and escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). A paper is provided so students can write their work down. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the question.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.

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203 reviews for Halloween Escape Room 3rd Grade Math Cracking the Classroom Code™

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    Great way to learn!

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    Can’t wait to use this resource! It has simple steps to follow and very clear.

  3. Jennifer L.

    I am very excited to use these resources!

  4. Bethany T.

    This activity was super fun to do! the set up directions are clear and easy to follow. Great product!

  5. joleene B.

    great product

  6. Brittany Rohrig

    This is a fun way for students to practice rounding, along with adding and subtracting at the beginning of the year.

  7. Amanda L.

    Excited to use this with my 3rd graders!

  8. Beth C.

    We had a lot of fun with this.

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    Amazing resource!

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    This was a lot of fun! Thank you!

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    Such a great idea! Kids LOVED it!

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  13. Elizabeth S.

    My class was OBSESSED! So engaging! Great resource!!

  14. Sharlene V.

    Very easy to use and kids loved it.

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    I love using these!

  16. Erin S.

    Students loved this, I made sure to partner lower level students with my higher students

  17. Victoria S.


  18. Suzanne N.

    We had a blast doing this!

  19. Nickiesha S.

    Great resource

  20. Angela R.

    Such a great resource! Thank you!

  21. Heather A.

    Great activity- my students loved it, but a lot of prep work is involved.

  22. Angie Bivvins

    very fun

  23. Selena G.

    Great activity

  24. Jennifer R.

    I cannot wait to use this for Halloween! I’m sure it is as wonderful as the others I have tried. Thank you!

  25. The Not So Crabby Classroom

    This is my first “escape” and the students were engaged the whole time! Thank you!

  26. Gina C.

    The kids had so much fun while critically thinking!

  27. Bianca C.

    Kids absolutely LOVED this

  28. Carla K.

    My class loves these!

  29. Buyer

    This is a great resource!

  30. marybelle E.

    Easy to follow and the students loved it

  31. Buyer

    These are perfect! I love to get these for every new unit. Thank you!

  32. Jessica Conner

    So Fun! My class absolutely lovedddddddd this!

  33. Staci S.

    OMG this kids loved this!! So much fun

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  35. Megan C.


  36. Nichole B.

    Kids love these.

  37. Audrey W.

    This was so much fun! My students were engaged and excited to work the. math problems. I loved how it was interactive with different tools for cracking the code.

  38. Kelly N.

    It was a bit of a process putting it together and setting up. I hope my students like it!

  39. Linda K.

    looks great!

  40. Steffi Lyle

    This was SO much fun! I love it!

  41. Heather S.

    thanks so much

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    Can’t wait to use it this year!

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    Love it!

  44. Brenda M.

    Great product.

  45. Hollie Allen

    My students LOVED the zombie theme. Super fun and engaging! Thanks

  46. Jennifer R.

    I completed this whole group with my class today and they LOVED it! The only suggestion I have is to perhaps realign your decoder. It didn’t match up once I put the brad in and made some of the shapes hard to decipher.

  47. ashley G.

    My students loved this! Thanks!

  48. Heather F.

    I look forward to trying this resource out with my kids next year as we have more technology available!

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  53. Brittany W.


  54. Making Noyes in 3rd

    Such an enjoyable and engaging activity!

  55. Kelly Purcell

    Great product…can’t wait to use it with my kids! Editing note: The center points on your “Secret Decoders” are NOT centered…leading to very wonky decoders!

  56. I love Gifted

    My students loved it!

  57. Devin W.

    Lots of fun!

  58. Jami K.

    Loved this activity for an enrichment group!

  59. Julie B.

    This was our first breakout of this type and we did it as a class. My students loved it! Thanks!

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    So engaging! The kids love doing these! Thanks!

  61. Carrigan’s Creative Creations

    I cannot wait to try this! I have legitimately bought all of your Cracking the Codes this week and I am SO excited to go in on my day off tomorrow to get them all printed and prepared! 🙂 Thank you for awesome products!

  62. Amy L.

    Great resource!

  63. Audrey W.

    Super fun activity. Just make sure you really review the rules and go slowly with the kids in the explanation so they don’t just try to open all the cards at first like mine 🙂 It takes a while to prep, but it’s a great way to wrap up a unit. Thanks!

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    My kids LOVED this product. We did this one whole class as an introduction to this type of activity. I have never seen twenty six students more engaged during a whole class lesson. This was a wonderful way to review a concept before a test and they can not wait to do more. Thanks!

  75. Buyer

    I used this along side the grade 4 escape room to ensure that all the kids were able to make the most of the activity! Wonderful!

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  77. Robin Richie


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    Amazing Resource. My students loved it and it aligned perfectly to standards.

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    My students absolutely LOVED this. They were engaged the whole time. Only one downside, LOTS of teacher prep. But it is worth it.

  81. Andrea S.

    This was a bit difficult for beginning third graders.

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    Engaging and fun!

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    Great Resource. My students loved the escape room!

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    Thanks for another great escape! My students love reviewing concepts when I use these fantastic resources.

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    Loved this! My students were so engaged in the game and showing how much they’ve learned that it quickly has become a favorite activity for my class. I also was able to informally assess students acquired skills and needs. Thanks.

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    My kiddos LOVED this!!!! It was so much fun and challenging!

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  106. FanCactusFirsties

    Thank you for this fun and wonderful, rigorous resource! The students had a blast escaping the classroom — it was a great way for the students to celebrate Halloween while also reviewing rounding, addition, and subtraction.

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    These Escape Room activities you have are great! My kids loved them!

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    We did this activity on Halloween. My third graders really enjoyed it. They really got in to it and were bummed that they did not make it out in time. The most important thing is that they were able to work together and collaborate. They didn’t leave anyone behind.

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  152. M

    Awesome activity! Thank you 🙂

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    I was confused at first but once I figured it out it was so simple to put together. The kids LOVED the activity. I used this with a small group of gifted students and they are still talking about it.

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    My kids have never been more engaged in math then they were doing this! And we did it on Halloween, too. I will definitely be looking at more of your products. My question to you is, are the envelopes able to be used again for different topics? We are on a tight budget being a Title 1 school and I would love to be able to use more of these.

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    I don’t know if there’s enough space to tell you how much fun this was for my students and me!! I LOVE escape the room games and was so excited to find this product. This was a great activity for my 3rd Graders. We used it as a review for our end of unit test this week and they were completely engaged the whole time! I decorated our hallway since we are departmentalized and everyone was participating so it was really an event for us. The students have already requested to do this again and I will definitely be purchasing other products. It was easy to set up and so helpful that you provided the black and white versions to save ink. The value of this product is amazing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this. You rock! 🙂

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