Cracking the Classroom Code™ 5th Grade Math Review Game Escape Room


Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. Students will need to escape from their situation by using math questions and clues that are hidden around the classroom. This is a review game for the math concepts taught in 5th grade. It can be played in small groups, or as a whole class. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing as a whole class for the first time.


Cracking the Classroom Code

Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. Students will need to escape from their situation by using math questions and clues that are hidden around the classroom. This is a review game for the math concepts taught in 5th grade. It can be played in small groups, or as a whole class. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing as a whole class for the first time.

This is an interactive game where the students are timed. Students try and solve clues and math problems to escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I will suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). To unlock their envelopes, students will need to solve math problems. A paper is provided so students can show their work for each problem. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the problem.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

I give step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.


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242 reviews for Cracking the Classroom Code™ 5th Grade Math Review Game Escape Room

  1. Andrea Martin

    This was a great opening activity for my advanced class to review!

  2. Supply Acct R.

    Absolutely love this!!

  3. SeeNicTeach

    Amazing! So much fun. My kids were beyond engaged. Thanks for sharing your creativity and talents!

  4. Kathryn K.

    My kids had the best time with this! It was the perfect review!

  5. Angela N.

    The students loved it!

  6. Fumbling Thru Fifth

    My students loved this!

  7. Erika P.

    Great game! My students enjoyed doing this game at the end of the year.

  8. Susan O.

    This was a little time consuming and confusing to put together, but the author did a great job explaining a very difficult process. The students LOVED the activity and I’d love to try another, maybe less complicated, one.

  9. Sydney K.

    So fun!

  10. Kelley B.

    What’s not to love about this escape room! Teacher and student approved!!

  11. Michelle S.

    My students loved this escape room!

  12. Aubree L.

    Wonderful product!

  13. Deb P.

    Well done!

  14. There Was Homework Last Night

    Haven’t had a chance to use yet due to the amount of prep work however looking forward to trying it out!

  15. Kelly Shetler

    Good resource

  16. Sarah G.

    My students absolutely loves these!

  17. Georgena E.

    This was my first Escape Room activity…thanks for the awesome organization.

  18. selina W.


  19. Debbie C.

    Super fun! My class was totally engaged in this activity!

  20. Mandy De Groote

    So fun! Kids loved it! there is quite a bit of prep, but once its done, its ready to be used for years.

  21. Keri G.

    Can’t wait to use!

  22. Madison Rhoades


  23. Pamela D.


  24. S Lane

    It did take a lot of prepping but the students really enjoyed it! Used it as an end of the year review before they took the state exam.

  25. Jenna V.

    Setting up this escape room is not for the faint of heart! Make sure you have the time and supplies needed to set it up. I will say that my kids thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! Make it easier on yourself by laminating cards so that you don’t have to re-create them next year. Thank you for this fun resource!

  26. Leah G.

    I cannot wait to use this with my students this year!

  27. Allison N.

    My kids had a blast with this activity!

  28. Tiffany M.

    Great review for end of year

  29. Kathryn Wojtkowski

    Fun way to practice before testing

  30. Kalen J.

    Great for end of year review!

  31. Jessica Phillips

    Excellent, students LOVE these!

  32. Samantha K.

    The students loved the activity! It really made reviewing fun and engaging!

  33. Breanne C.

    very fun and engaging escape room.

  34. Emma B.

    Fun activity!

  35. Jullye L.

    had fun with this

  36. Kassie Labrecque

    Great resource, thank you!

  37. Ann Z.

    My students really enjoyed this!

  38. Buyer

    Great product! Purchased as a way to build community in my seventh grade math classroom for the first week of school that would also be a good review of basic skills.

  39. Crystil P.

    Looking forward to using this!

  40. Michelle H.

    This was great for an end of year review. Kids loved it

  41. MrsCoutlee

    My class loved this!

  42. Geraldine Hayes

    my students loved it

  43. Carolyn J F.

    My students loved this activity!! Thanks!

  44. Laura M.

    Awesome resource! My students loved it!

  45. Kathy Schultz

    Great – Used for Tutoring

  46. Amber R

    My students absolutely loved this! I think they even forgot they were reviewing math! 🙂

  47. Christine S.

    Top-notch resource. I truly enjoy using all of your escape rooms in the my classes. They are comprehensive, easy to understand, and review important material. Thank you for your hard work and effort on these.

  48. Vanessa S.

    Thank you! This was a great help!

  49. Catherine A.

    It was a great purchase! The directions were incredibly helpful with preparing the materials ahead of time. My kiddos did struggle with the math; at first glance I didn’t think the problems were that challenging, but as they began working, I noticed some frustration, had to extend the time a lot! But it was great to see them work through things to complete the task.

  50. Melissa A.

    Such a fun way to review!

  51. Tasha M.

    I LOVE escape rooms! Thank you!!

  52. Kristine S.

    Great resource- thanks!

  53. Nikki Wright

    An exciting way to review the skills at the end of the year!

  54. laurie W.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!

  55. lindsey S.


  56. Kristen Ryan


  57. Buyer

    my 5th grade students had so much fun! Thank you!

  58. Britani Wright

    I loved this resource and so did my kids. I will say that it took me a LONG time to set it up, which is to be expected for an activity like this.

  59. Ashley P.

    Awesome resource for my fifth graders! They loved the challenge and competition within the classroom!

  60. Christel M.

    Thanks! This is great!

  61. Amber H.

    My 5th graders loved this!

  62. Buyer

    Great resource

  63. Alexis S.

    My students loved this and were super engaged the whole time!

  64. Jessica H.

    I used this at the end of the year last year and it was a blast! I definitely plan on using it again this year. 🙂

  65. Erin D.

    Loved it!

  66. Melissa S.

    well done

  67. CreativeKoala

    This was a great activity to use for the end of the 5th grade math camp I did. The kids loved and so did I.

  68. Robin B.

    Great Resource! Students had so much fun. I plan on purchasing other domains.

  69. Brooke H.

    This was one of my favorite activities that I’ve done with my students. Thank you so much! My students did the activity before STAAR for review and then begged to do more!

  70. Lori L.

    OMG, I loved this this past year in 4th grade, Now I’m moving down and hope my kids in 3rd like them too.

  71. Cynthia P.

    The kids are really going to enjoy this!

  72. Sunshine D.

    This was easy to set up and use in the classroom. My kids had fun running around trying to solve the clues!

  73. Kelly H.

    Kids had a blast

  74. Krista D.

    Awesome product!

  75. jessica D.

    I look forward to using this.

  76. The Cactus Classroom

    This was a fun way to review!

  77. Tabitha Gregory

    I can’t wait to use this!

  78. hbrockman


  79. Rachael D.

    Kids had a lot of fun with this!

  80. Amy R.

    Great product!

  81. Gregory Silcox

    Excited to use with my students.

  82. stacey R.

    Fantastic for the last few days of school! Kids were still “doing math” but having a blast reviewing. Thank you!

  83. Erin D.

    Great resource!h

  84. Buyer

    Students enjoyed.

  85. Miss Trendy Teacher

    My class loved this and kept asking me to do more breakouts. Thank you!

  86. Ashley Hamilton

    Super excited to use this next year.

  87. bridget huff

    My kids loved this! Thank you!

  88. Cari R.

    Excited to use it.

  89. Ashley N.

    AMAZING! My kids absolutely loved this resource! They had so much fun! I can’t wait to do more of your escape rooms! Thank you for all your hard work to create such great resources!!

  90. Amanda W.

    Looks like a great resource!

  91. Melissa Moehring

    The best resource for a review. My students enjoyed this game. It was a huge success!

  92. Kara M.

    So much fun! A lot of prep, but the kids LOVED it!

  93. Jana S.

    My kids loved it!!

  94. Simply Mrs Godwin

    My students LOVED doing this right before the EOG to review! Thank you!

  95. Erika H.

    Thank you!!

  96. Adrienne M.

    My class loved this and I can’t wait to use it again.

  97. Seth G.

    Fun activity

  98. Stacy W.

    My classes LOVED this activity! It was easy to prepare, but I think I will try it in small groups next time. I did it whole group, and only the students who are strong in math got a chance to search for any of the envelopes. It might be more fun for everyone in small groups.

  99. Michelle B.

    The kids had a wonderful time working on this! The math practice was perfect for 5th grade. Great job!

  100. Kely P.

    Awesome engaging activity!

  101. Meghan D.

    Very clear instructions! Students loved this!

  102. Julia G.

    This was fun. Students were able to solve very quickly.

  103. Shannon R.


  104. Tricia K.

    Thank you! This was amazing! The kids loved it.

  105. Amy Brubaker

    Definitely time consuming with the prep work, but I think it was fun! Next time I’m going to have to set it up in ways that they can’t find/skip to envelopes that are later clues. It took us 60 minutes. Thanks!

  106. Dylan Crawford

    Awesome Activity!

  107. Buyer

    Students had great fun with this activity

  108. Katie K.

    Thank you for creating such a great resource. I can’t wait to use it again next year.

  109. Joan T.

    Good to use for review

  110. Lisa E.

    This was a lot of fun!

  111. Fifth Grade Flair

    My students worked tirelessly to finish the break out session! My students were engaged those who did not finish wanted additional time to continue their work. Thank you!!

  112. Nancy H.

    Great product! Thank you!

  113. April S.

    Awesome resource. It takes awhile to set up, but direction is very clear and easy! My students loved this!

  114. Amy W.

    Fun resource! Excited to use as an end of the year review activity.

  115. Rachael P.

    Great product for the money. So much detail and my students had a blast! Thanks!

  116. Christina D.

    Cannot wait to use this as an end of the year review.

  117. Kristina G.

    SO much fun! The directions to set up were simple and my kids loved it. I will definitely be back for more!

  118. Hiatt’s Room

    This was a great way to review before state testing. The kids had a blast!

  119. Teaching the Texas TEKS

    Cute Activity

  120. Agnes W.

    I can not wait to use it for my incoming 6th graders. Thank you.

  121. Ivy R.

    Love this!

  122. Mrs Yosten Classroom Goodies

    Very well planned unit, thank you!

  123. Kristen N.

    So much fun and great math review! Great end of year activity.

  124. K D.

    This is perfect as the year is coming to an end!

  125. Ashley Q.

    This product is amazing! It is very engaging and a great way to review. My students loved it!!

  126. The Tired Teacher


  127. Melinda G.

    Great resource!

  128. Kaela H.


  129. CleverCommonCore


  130. Sarah K.

    This was one of my favorite activities that I had my students complete. Everyone was engaged and were so excited to use the QR scanner and find the “treasure” at the end. Thank you for this resource!

  131. Tiffany L.

    My students loved this!!!

  132. The Smitten Teacher

    So much fun! My kids loved this!

  133. Allison Amparano

    Thank you for a great review that kept my students engaged before state testing. They really enjoyed it!


    The kids loved this activity

  135. Christine M.

    Using this week. I hope it goes well

  136. Jamaal W.

    Great End of the Year Review Prep!

  137. Amy I.

    My kids loved this! We did it as a whole class review activity prior to state testing. They were very engaged and motivated!

  138. Buyer

    I can’t wait to do this with my students! We did the Author’s Purpose Winter Sports Escape Room and the students had a blast. Thank you!

  139. Kimberly J.

    Great review

  140. Anna Tupling

    Excellent scavenger hunt. Kept the kids engaged

  141. Teach Grow Inspire

    Perfect! Thank you!

  142. Beth Schmus

    Takes a little time up front, but a great product!

  143. Kelsey F.

    Thank you for the detailed instructions and pictures! I am excited to use this with my class! Thank you

  144. Kimberly Weidner

    Cannot wait to use this! Thank you!

  145. Selimar Meraz

    Love this! Can’t wait to use it this week with my students as our final review before testing.

  146. Kristy Summers

    My students had so much fun with this breakout! It was challenging and a great review!

  147. Lindsey B.

    The time and effort that went into this resource is amazing! Thank you!! I loved watching my kids work together to solve these problems and it was great to use before state testing.

  148. Allison Rousey

    Such an engaging activity. Awesome!

  149. Jennifer C.

    Can’t wait to use this in my class.

  150. Karen F.

    Great resource and fun before test taking.

  151. Nicole V.


  152. Lauren Martinez

    My kids absolutely loved this as a test review. I am going to purchase more and use them throughout the year. Thanks!

  153. Tamara M.

    Fun resource. Thank you!

  154. Sara P.

    This was such a fun and engaging review activity. I had to read the directions a few times and print out the document to really grasp the flow of the activity. Once I did, the activity came to life and I was so excited to implement it. The kids had a blast! Thank you!

  155. Erica J.

    What a fun review! My students can’t get enough of this!

  156. Jessi Talley

    Love it! Thanks!

  157. Megan G

    My class loved this product! They had so much fun solving these problems!

  158. Tia H.

    Great review game for students! Easy to set up, but does take some time to organize everything.

  159. Jill M.

    This was great! It took a good bit of work to set it up, but it was worth it.

  160. Jason B.

    This is a fun and engaging way to review multiple standards for 5th grade math. My students loved solving the clues and searching for the envelopes.

  161. Jessica C.


  162. Jamie D.

    So much fun! My kids loved it!

  163. ShiningStarz

    Thanks. It is perfect!

  164. Kelly R.

    I am looking forward to using this with my class!

  165. Schooling Simons

    My kids LOVED this activity. It set up was a little daunting at first, but follow the directions and trust yourself – everything will turn out great!

  166. Catherine H.

    My kiddos are going to love this!

  167. Linda Beckman

    I love that it is more than the average test prep!

  168. Charles D.

    Looking forward to using this to review this year!

  169. JMCapple

    Set up takes a little while but worth it for the kids. They loved it!

  170. Amanda T.

    My 5th graders had so much fun doing this as an after STAAR test review!! I coupled it with the set and added locks and treasure as well! The questions were high rigor level and made for an overall fun and engaging day! It does take some time to put together but anything worth while takes a little time! Great job on this activity!

  171. Cece Nichols

    Excited to use this with my students. Thank you!

  172. Keri

    Thank you.

  173. Dazzling Math and Science

    This looks so fun! Can’t wait to try it

  174. Nikita R.

    Wonderfully put together and easy to follow directions. A lot of set up but I’m sure my kiddos will enjoy!

  175. Jennifer Slade

    My students love escape rooms! I can’t wait for them to do this at the end of the school year!

  176. Laura B.

    So much fun!

  177. Audrey Benson

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this resource. Such a great resource!

  178. SILVA T.

    cant’ wait to use.

  179. Alisha R.


  180. Cara A.

    So excited to use this with my kids! They love escape rooms!

  181. Karis H.

    Looking forward to doing this with my class

  182. Paige H.

    Awesome resource! Can’t wait to use it, prior to testing.

  183. Lindsey C.


  184. ABSeas

    This looks like a fun way to implement test prep with my students. I’m realizing now that there is a lot of prep work on my end, so I do wish there was a digital version. But I know my students will have a lot of fun solving and finding the answers together!

  185. Joanne Kapsaskis


  186. Kati Rodrigues

    This took a lot of prep work – but the kids loved it. Got them thinking about all the things they learned during the school year. Thanks!

  187. Second and STEM

    Very fun!

  188. Helen S.

    I told my kids we’d be giving this a try on Thursday. They are so excited and I was thrilled that it was quick to put together. Thank you!

  189. Breathe Teach Exhale

    My 5th grade team did this on one of our 1/2 days( not enough time to have class but too much time to just do random stuff). I prepped for each homeroom( so I made 4 sets). I had someone help me cut and it really didn’t take to long. Each homeroom did it as a large group. Took us about an hour and thirty minutes. The students LOVED it and the teachers loved it! We plan on doing it again next year!

  190. Rebecca W.

    This is a fun way for students to practice their math skills. I struggled with some of my students because of the way the cards are structured. It’ll give the students the hint about the location of the next envelope and then ask for students to solve the problem. My students needed some training in reading through all the way and solving the problems before going in search of the next clue.

  191. Print A Class

    Thank you!

  192. patricia S.

    I can;t wait to use this. The information seems very thought out. With all the reviews I have read, I think my students will have a blast.

  193. Shanna Eaton

    Super fun! Thank you!

  194. Bridgett Taulbee

    This is a great resource!

  195. Kris Okamoto

    My 5th grade students really enjoyed this activity.

  196. Buyer

    The kids will LOVE this

  197. Lori Garrett

    My kids loved this!

  198. Alicia V.

    Takes longer than 45 min. but still lots of fun.

  199. Joanna B.

    I can’t wait to use this! Thank you!! It will make a great review for our lovely state testing.

  200. MissMc

    I can’t wait to give this a try with my students! Thank you.

  201. Kevyn Packer

    Great activity to challenge students!

  202. Juanita T.

    Great way to review with students!

  203. Holly Rushton

    This is prepped and ready to use this week! My kids are going to have a great time reviewing the math skills they have learned. I’ve even bought eye patches and red bandannas. The instructions to put this together was super easy to follow. Thanks.

  204. Maureen W.

    Great resource!! Thank you!

  205. Cheryl M.

    My kids love using these. Lots of maths involved but they don’t realise!

  206. Jamie M.

    My kids have had so much fun with your activities.

  207. Brent M.

    This was a great success in my classroom. Thank you for this great resource.

  208. Dayna W.

    fun way to review from previous year!

  209. Buyer

    This was a great tool for immediate feedback at the beginning of the year

  210. Denise W.

    Fun test prep activity

  211. Sarah M.

    This is a great resource! Students enjoyed it, however I did this with my 6th grade class and it was too difficult for them. Next time, I would try an even lower grade package with them.

  212. Sheila F.

    This is so fun!

  213. Rhonda W.

    My students LOVED this activity! It is so much fun.

  214. Calista W.

    Great Resource!!

  215. Janell H.

    I look forward to trying out this activity with my 5th graders this coming year!

  216. Amy W.


  217. Diane C.

    Got too busy at end of year to use…but still planning on it!

  218. Planet 104

    A great resource!

  219. Bonnie Bonar

    Used it with 5th grade. Students had a ball! It was interesting to watch them work the problems separately and then compare answers and work together to be certain that they were correct. Can’t wait to use it again next year.

  220. danielle balestrino

    A little hard to organize and put together but the students love it!

  221. Barbara C.

    Spent a rainy Sunday afternoon watching a baseball game on TV and putting this together to use on the last full day of school. I’ll have 6 groups going–should be lots of fun!

  222. Heuristic Teaching

    I used this at the end of the year for my kids. The product is clear on how to prep it, and set it up. The kids enjoy the engagement it provides. It is a lot f one time printing, but if you laminate and save it all, it will be an easy project to reuse the next year. I am pleased with this purchase.

  223. Buyer

    It was a winner

  224. Stacy Adams

    I can’t wait to use this with my class.

  225. Miss Bri Bliss

    We just did this in teams as a 5th grade & it was a huge hit. We combined classes & levels. If they escaped in time, they got a treat. If they didn’t beat the time, but still finished, they got to go outside. It was SO fun & they were incredibly engaged for the second to last day of school! Great product!

  226. Effie K.

    Great resource for a G&T class! All my students have mastered the concepts and need a fun and challenging review – this is it!!

  227. Maria B.

    What an awesome way to engage students, thank you!

  228. Lynn C.

    Oh my! What fun! I bought this product in time to use it as my last activity on the last day of school last year! The students had so much fun, and loved the idea of “escaping” the classroom for the summer. I will have all nine of my students back, as I am teaching a combination class next year, and I have already promised them that we can “escape” with a new game next year!

  229. Lindsay Z.

    This was SO much fun! A huge success with my kiddos!

  230. Lacey Degener

    Took me a bit to figure out directions (end of the school year brain??!) but I can’t wait to use this with my kids!! Thanks!

  231. Jamie O’Donnell

    So awesome!

  232. Page Products

    I am so excited to use this!

  233. Michele P.

    Great tool for review.

  234. Rachel D.

    This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I love it and so did my kids! Definitely planning to use again next school year!!! 🙂

  235. AH Creative Teaching

    Fun and engaging!

  236. Dakota C.

    Sounds like so much fun! I am excited to try this out with my kiddos this year.

  237. Buyer

    Can’t wait to use this with my students.

  238. Kimberly K W.

    Very fun and engaging!

  239. WBC

    Hands down the best purchase I’ve made on teacher’s pay teachers. Thank you so much for making such a great product. My kids had a blast! 🙂 Just FYI we found a typo on the answer key. Number 8 should be 1 2/3 not 4 2/3.

  240. Tiffany Forman

    Super fun! Thanks for the great directions for setting this up.

  241. Common Core Girls

    Great way to review concepts before the state test!

  242. Julie H.

    Soooo much fun! I love organized chaos lessons. We had 6 groups going at one time. A great activity for the day before state testing.

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