Cracking the Classroom Code™ 3rd Grade Math Review Game Escape Room


Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. Students will attempt to escape from their captors by solving a string of math clues hidden around the classroom.


Cracking the Classroom Code

Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! Students must use their math skills to escape. Students will attempt to escape from their captors by solving a string of math clues hidden around the classroom. This is a review game for the math concepts taught in 3rd grade. It can be played in small groups, or as a whole class. If your class has never played an escape game before, I suggest playing as a whole class for the first time.

3rd Grade Math Review Game Escape Room

This is an interactive game where students are timed. Students try and solve clues and math problems to breakout and escape the classroom. You, the teacher, can decide how much time your students have to complete the task. I will suggest 45 minutes, but it is up to your discretion. You can project a timer for your class, or put one somewhere for all the students to see, so they can keep track of how much time they have left to complete their task.

This is similar to a scavenger hunt where students will be moving around the room, looking for clues to unlock their envelopes (I have included riddles and suggestions on where to hide each clue). To unlock their envelopes, students will need to solve math problems. A paper is provided so students can show their work for each problem. For many of the questions, students must have an answer that matches one on an envelope. If the answers do not match, they can’t open or “unlock” the envelope, and must rework the problem.

*Everything is included, however teachers must provide their own envelopes.

There are step by step instructions on how to set up the game, including pictures! This is sure to capture the attention of your students.

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