5th Grade The Multiplying Menace Divides Book Companion and Division Lesson



Elevate your 5th grade math division lesson with this specially designed math book companion for “The Multiplying Menace Divides” by Pam Calvert. This resource is an invaluable tool for reinforcing division skills, including fractions, in a fun and engaging manner. Tailored to complement your teaching style, it includes a variety of printables and activities to enhance learning. Please note, this set does not contain the original book, any excerpts, photos of pages, links to the book, or any typed text from it. It’s crafted to be a supplementary resource alongside your own copy of the book.

In this comprehensive companion, you’ll find:

✔️ A detailed lesson outline, complete with interactive questions for thought-provoking book discussions.
✔️ Four diverse printables, meticulously aligned with fifth-grade math standards, to solidify students’ understanding of division.
✔️ A creative brochure activity, centered around solving math word problems, encouraging practical application of division concepts.
✔️ An exciting STEM project where students plan and construct a pig pen, integrating math skills with real-world problem-solving.
✔️ An engaging craft activity where students practice dividing frogs onto lily pads, making division concepts visually and interactively understandable.

This companion is perfect for making division and fractions more accessible and enjoyable for fifth graders, ensuring a deeper understanding and appreciation of math concepts.

Your students will have a blast reviewing key math concepts, while doing crafts, worksheets, and reading the story. This 5th grade math division lesson and activity book companion bundle is the perfect way to review division concepts with your class.


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