4th Grade The Multiplying Menace Divides Book Companion and Division Lesson


Have fun reviewing division skills with your fourth grade students while using this math book companion. Begin by reading the book The Multiplying Menace Divides by Pam Calvert. Then, complete the printables and activities. Review division skills within the fourth grade math domains.


Transform your 4th grade math division lessons into a fun and interactive experience with this math book companion, designed to be used alongside your own copy of “The Multiplying Menace Divides” by Pam Calvert. This resource is tailored to enrich your teaching and help your students review and strengthen their division skills, all within the context of fourth-grade math standards. It’s important to note that this companion does not include the actual picture book, any excerpts, photos of its pages, links to the book, or typed text from the book. It’s an additional tool, meant to complement and enhance your math instruction.

Here’s what you’ll find in this companion:

Engaging Lesson Outline: Features a series of interactive questions to ask your students while reading “The Multiplying Menace Divides.” These questions are crafted to provoke thought and discussion, deepening students’ understanding of division concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Fourth-Grade Math Printables: Includes four carefully designed printables that reinforce key fourth-grade math standards. These activities are centered around division, providing ample practice and reinforcing students’ division skills in a variety of contexts.

Math Word Problem Brochure Activity: Students get to create their own brochures, focusing on solving division-based word problems. This creative activity not only reinforces their division skills but also encourages them to apply these skills in practical, real-life scenarios.

Pig Pen STEM Project: An exciting, hands-on STEM activity where students plan and build a pig pen. This project integrates math with real-world problem-solving, allowing students to use division in a practical and engaging way.

Frogs on a Lily Pad Craft: A fun and educational craft activity where students divide frogs onto lily pads. This visual and interactive approach helps solidify their understanding of division, making the concept more tangible and memorable.

Overall, this math book companion is an excellent resource for fourth-grade teachers looking to make division lessons more dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable. It’s designed to bring math to life, ensuring that students not only learn but also develop a genuine interest in mathematics. This is perfect for a 4th grade math division lesson with your students!


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