Mother’s Day Gift: Loving Hand Tree

As a teacher, something I always had a hard time coming up with was a Mother’s Day gift. I found dozens of nice ideas on Pinterest, but either they were too complicated for my students, or cost too much per student. Here is a cute idea for a Mother’s Day card/gift that isn’t too hard or expensive!
I call it, “The Loving Hand Tree.”

1.  Gather your supplies. I used brown glitter cardstock paper from the craft store. Regular brown cardstock would work as well. You want heavy paper so the hand trunk will stand up. Otherwise, the leaves will pull it down. The supplies needed are: brown cardstock, green cardstock, letter stickers, heart stickers, scissors, and glue.

2. Trace your hand on the brown paper. We traced my son’s hand on the back of the glitter paper shown in the picture below.

3. After you are done tracing, cut the hand out. Also, cut a long strip 2-3 inches wide, out as well. The long strip will be the base of your tree.

4. Next, cut some leaves out of the green cardstock.

5. Last, the fun part begins! You will decorate your tree. Use heart stickers and the leaves you cut out. On these leaves, write things you like about your mom, things you like doing with her, and words that describe her. Use the letter stickers to spell out, “I love you,” or any other message you would like. The long strip at the bottom, can then be hooked together and used to make the Loving Hand Tree stand up. Enjoy!

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