Back to School Survival Kits

 With school just around the corner, it is a good idea to get prepared! I am happy to help, by providing  Back to School Student and Teacher Survival Kits. Whether you are a teacher looking for a cute welcome gift for students, a parent trying to help your little one get prepared, or a parent or teacher looking to give the teacher in your life a “Welcome back to school!” gift, these are perfect for you. I have several options available, depending on what you are looking for. The best part? I have all the gift tags in this blog post for FREE!

Student Survival Kits
All the items in this kit were purchased at Wal-Mart. However, I am sure you could find these things at Target, Shopko, or wherever you prefer to do your school shopping. I imagine if you are a teacher, you could have these ready, labeled, and on desks for the first day of school. Or, if you are a parent, you could slip it into your child’s backpack, so when they get to school on the first day, they have a nice surprise. 
For each item in the kit, I offer a cute saying to go along with it. For instance, the tag for crayons says, “Crayons: to add more COLOR into your world.” Glue is, “Glue: to help HOLD you together.” The ruler in this photo is pink. It was this cool slap-bracelet-version of a ruler I found at Wal-Mart. They had several different colors and styles. I liked that it could be easily rolled up and placed in the pencil box. Each item in the kit has a special meaning and reminder, to make the student feel special, welcomed, or just plain excited for school! 
For the student kit, I like to use the tag that goes on the pencil box, and then put all the supplies inside. However, if you don’t want to include all the supplies, I have also provided each saying on a separate tag for each individual item. That way, you can pick and choose which items you want to include in your student survival kit. I prefer to put all the items in a pencil box, because it is the perfect size and can fit on a student desk. Although, if you have another container you want to use, go for it! 
Teacher Survival Kits
Maybe you are a parent looking for a good Back to School teacher gift for your child’s teacher (if so, you rock, and will get some serious bonus points), or maybe you are a teacher looking to give your coworkers something fun, or a PTA president looking for a teacher welcome gift, or a teacher just wanting to give YOURSELF something nice. Whatever the case, here are some super cute and super simple Teacher Survival Kits for the back to school season. 
Once again, all of these supplies were purchased at Wal-Mart. Each item is about $1 or less. For the teacher survival kit, I like to label each item within the gift. I used a small book crate that was $1, to hold all the supplies. There were tons of color options at the Wal-Mart I went to, but fell in love with this aqua color. I was nervous trying to fill the whole crate up. It could quickly have turned into a $20 gift, and my budget was $10 or less. So, I bought a box of tissues. This was my trick, because with the tissues, it helped fill the box and I didn’t have as much space to worry about! The gift looks full, and still has TONS of cute back to school supplies. 
Like the student survival kits, you have the option of attaching a note that goes over what is in the gift, reviewing the different meanings for each item. Or, you can use the labels, and label each item, like the picture above. If you use the labels, you wouldn’t necessarily have to use each item I list, and could throw in a few extra surprises of your own. 
You can use whatever basket, crate, or gift box you would like for this kit (I like the crates, because then the teacher can use it in their classroom to store supplies). Then, I used a cellophane gift wrapping bag to wrap the kit up. Add some cute ribbon, and voila! Your survival kit is all set! 
You can click on the images below and download them to your computer, or grab a PDF version of them {here}.

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