Alphabet Adventures

Now that summer is around the corner, I have started thinking about how to keep what my preschooler has learned in school, intact. I decided to focus on one letter a week. This week we focused on “A”. Here are some of the fun activities we did to learn about the letter A.

#1. We started out with snacks that began with A. We had apple juice, animal crackers, avocado, and apples. My son LOVED taste testing the three types of apples we got at the grocery store, which were Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious. Other A snacks could include:

angel food cake
apple fritters
apple pie
apple sauce
A &W root beer
#2 Next we made this cute letter A crown. We practiced how the alligator, ant, apple, and astronaut all started with A. Together we worked on the short A sound. The band around the crown allowed for letter tracing practice. 
Get the free crown download and other letter A adventures HERE.
#3 Next we made an alligator paper plate craft. It was very simple, and my son did the majority of the work (minus the cutting of the teeth, which he probably could have done anyway). First we painted paper plates green. It just so happened that I couldn’t find any paintbrushes so we finger painted them, and it was a lot less messy than I anticipated. After the paint dried, we added eyes and teeth. Ta-Da!
#4 While practicing the letter A we also played some games. My son loves to play with play dough so I had him mold the letter A, then trace it on the paper. I would suggest laminating this page, so it could be used more than once! We also played, “Buggy for Letters.” Here, we used a paperclip and pencil to spin a color, and then traced the letter based on the color spun. Last, we made pencil puppets. These are a fun and easy way to play imaginatively. Simply fold the paper over the top of the pencil, and glue down the sides. 

Get all of these A activities HERE.

#5 As an added bonus, while we were shopping at Target, I gave my son my phone and told him to take pictures of any letter A’s he found. He thought this was such a fun game and was looking so carefully down all the aisles. Here are some of his pictures (ignore the photography skills, the point was, he found the letter A):

Take your kids on an alphabet adventure this summer! See what they can find and do with each letter of the alphabet.

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