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Like most teachers, I bet you spend LOADS of time planning and creating lessons that will get your students not only excited to learn but also help them master key standards. So, it becomes frustrating when your time is often stretched too thin.

Do you dream of being your best teacher self?

I’ve got wonderful news for you, the journey starts here!

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Creating interactive games, lessons and activities can take HOURS, if not DAYS to plan and create. That is why I have done all the work for you!

Just click and print and you’ll be on your way to organizing a phenomenal lesson that will have your students BEGGING for more.

Imagine what it would be like to have games and activities all made for you, aligned with standards, ready to play with your class. Games for every math and ELA standard, holiday, or necessity you could think of!

I remember being in the classroom using the curriculum given to me by my district. Sure, it gave me a way to teach the standards to my students, but was it engaging? Was it fun? Did it give students of all learning levels a chance to succeed? No, no and no! I needed a way to meet every learner with activities that would help get them EXCITED about school. Lessons that would encourage them to learn. Games that would show students learning could be fun and interesting!

School absolutely can and should be filled with both education and enjoyment.

I have an Extensive library you are sure to love that continues to grow each month!


Check it out:

Math Escape Room Games for Grades 1-5

My top selling escape room games have been used and trusted my tens of thousands of educators. Escape room games are a wonderful way to foster team building skills in your classroom, while also reviewing key standards. There are games covering every single math domain in the common core. As students work through the puzzles, they don’t even realize they are learning, because they are having so much fun solving the clues and trying to escape the scenario.

Don’t take my word for it, see what other teachers are saying about some of my escape room games:

This isn’t the first escape room I’ve purchased from Teresa, and it won’t be the last. My students loved this activity and looked forward to it all week!

I was surprised how engaged students were during this review. Students who haven’t said a word all year long were talking, engaged, learning and explaining to their peers. Fantastic!

ELA Escape Rooms Games for Grades 1-5

Whether you are introducing types of sentences to your students, or reviewing parts of speech, I have language arts escape room games for every topic you need! Browse my large library to find just what you’re looking for.

Check out what these teachers have said about some of my most popular ELA escape rooms:

My students would beg to use these escape rooms! We used the first one whole group to learn how to complete them, and after that the kids were pros! I love love love the themed resources and the Greek Mythology theme spoke to my heart. 100/10 I can't recommend this enough.

I bought just a single escape room from this seller to start. My students and I loved it so much, I came back and purchased the bundle! I love to see my students so engaged and excited to work together using the skills they have learned while having fun at school. This is a MUST buy!

STEM Escape Rooms Games

Combine STEM with an escape room and you have the perfect match! With my STEM escape room games, students are working in groups to escape a scenario, all while using their engineering skills in the process.

Listen to what this teacher said about a STEM escape game:

My students LOVED this STEM escape room! We love cracking the code and the STEM challenge at the end is very engaging. They had a great time.

Literacy Centers

NEVER plan a literacy center again. Whether you want holiday themed literacy centers, or centers that can be used any time of the year, I’ve got you covered. Literacy centers for every month, ALL YEAR LONG!

I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of set up and work that was put into this resource. I am so glad I came across this because it has helped my brain wrap around the concept of centers and organizing them in a meaningful way. I love that there are themes to help tie into other topics we might be covering in the classroom.

This may be the best item I've ever purchased from TPT. I've used her ideas for literacy stations, in class learning, and homework. All of her ideas are so engaging and bring an element of fun to the classroom.

Game Show Reviews

Whether you are reviewing for a chapter test or end of the year testing, I have all you need for the math standards in a game show style review! Your class will love to play these games as a whole group, in small groups, or even individually. No more boring worksheets for reviewing material!

This was a great review for my students and engaging as well. It helped my students prepare for our end of the year state test.

This is a very unique resource - I have not seen anything like it before. My students loved the sounds and animations while reviewing fractions! Awesome resource to jazz up the old Jeopardy Power Point games.

Doodle Journals

Throw away your boring journal prompt cards and worksheets. These doodle journals are all you need to help guide your students through the writing process. Each journal page has a small graphic organizer, so students can plan their thoughts, as well as a place to write their entry and doodle an image.

Listen to what these teachers have to say:

I liked how this resource lead students through the process of creating a composition from planning to paragraph. My students even started making their own similar writing set-up independently when given other prompts.

I love how this is scaffolded!! It gives my most reluctant writers ways to organize their writing and they feel successful. We use this every day in our classroom.


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While I do have some 1st and 2nd grade resources, the bulk of my library is centered around 3rd-5th grades.

No way! Education can and should be both educational and fun. My materials make learning enjoyable while also covering key CCSS learning standards.

I have converted MANY of my resources to be digital, usually with a Google Slides or Google Forms option. All new resources will have a digital component if it makes sense to include it.

Every month! Since some resources are larger than others, some months may have more or less added, compared to previous months.

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